Trend Report: Spring/Summer 2018

Hey girls, it’s Sarah here, bringing you my trend report for next spring/summer.

It’s almost crazy to skip past the impending winter and Christmas season to next spring, but while we’re all just getting to grips with winter coats, layering and boots again, the designers have long since moved on and have been busy showcasing all the fabulous looks for 2018.

Below you can see some of the trends, my opinions on what I think will be big next year on the high street and pieces to stock up on now that are going to bridge the gap between seasons:

Pattern Clash

So in the high street shops at the moment we are seeing lots of variations of tweeds, tartans and herringbones, this continues into next season with a update of clashing materials and patterns to create some really bold and exciting looks.
The great thing about this trend is that it’s something we can all do and go as big or as demure as we like. Clashing pieces together is a great way to put your own stamp on an outfit and create something unique. A great place to start is popping a geometric print against a floral. Try layering a pretty blouse under a funky printed strappy dress, pull the whole outfit in at the waist and you’llhave a really fun, interesting and practical (let’s not forget what an English springtime is like!) outfit that is completely original to you.


Trench coats

The trench is going to be appearing in lots of different guises over the coming months, and this coat shape works beautifully across all body shapes, as it gives the waist a little definition and is a great addition to the spring time wardrobe. Some of the adaptions include placement prints, fabric combinations of satin and heavy cottons and more utilitarian pieces in khaki (great for the Autumns among you!).



I am personally thrilled that this trend is hanging around, there is something beautifully feminine about a ruffle, with a really fun and flamboyant edge.

Much like the clashing trend, ruffles can really be as daring as you like, you can go all out flamingo dancer, or just have a perfectly placed couple on your skirt – the fabrics are a mix of soft draping sheers to more tutu-esque nettings – a great opportunity to clash with an opposing fabric and create a really edgy look.


Details and pockets

This trend is broad and encompasses details from multi placement embellishments to pockets (we do love a pocket!). My absolute favourite has to be this oversized boyfriend jumper with zip detailing and jewel encrusted brooches and embroideries, just the most gorgeous statement, and something again that can be recreated by you to reflect your style and personality.

Elsewhere look for the use of multiple pockets, layered tonal belts and quirky zip, cuff and collar details.



This one is fab, geometric is a great way of adding pattern and excitement to your outfit without the use of a single lily or rose. I love the mix of zig zag pastels, bold blasts of blocks like the below pullover (side note – this is also a trend, yep, you read right: the pullover is back), and the what I can only describe as safari style print (i think giraffe print when i look at this), which also looks like a quirky 70’s wallpaper in the
mauve shirt.


I have fallen in love with this designer. I adore the quirky parquet flooring style leather mini (no surprises the mini skirt turned my head!). I love the geometric prints, and how they use the black print onto pretty pastel pink which gives a wonderful 80’s feel, but in a grown up and sleek way. Above all, i love this brand for creating beautiful pieces that you could unashamedly wear duringthe day, whilst looking tailored and gorgeously feminine.



Blog written by Sarah Lilly, stylist at Styled By Susie.



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