SS19 Trend Report

Your Styled by Susie guide to all that’s hot next season, by Sarah Lilly.

It seems unimaginable to think beyond the glitter and sparkle of the festive season, but for those of us who are trying daily to build lasting capsule wardrobes out of Christmas Jumpers and sequinned boob tubes the glimpse of next season’s trends is a welcome sight!

Below I’ll reveal the trends we think are going to be hitting the highstreet, what to look for now and how to get a step ahead of the fashion pack.

Whats great about looking at the Catwalks is that, to some degree, everything filters down to the highstreet. At first glance it’s easy to look and see a mass of collections that simply won’t work in Tesco or on the school run, but when you look closely, you can start to spot some trends that might start popping up over the coming months.

Colour palette

We’ll see a nice even mix of offerings for the seasons, with winters and summers having pale yellows, light blues, pale sage greens and cobalt blue. Autumns do well again this season with deep olives greens, warm reds and chocolate browns – springs can pinch some autumn colours including like the warm reds. Cobalt blues will be a colour we can all use – team SBS colours anyone?!
Below l-r: buttermilk yellow, powder blue, sage green, oat, deep olive, auburn red, cobalt blue, chocolate brown.

Shapes and cuts

We’ll see eighties shapes continue – think shoulder pads and big earrings. Skirt lengths are midi, A-line, asymmetrical and maxi. We’ll see some difference in waistlines with the 1920s dropped waistband, although thankfully The high-waisted trouser is staying (I hear the cheer!). Trousers continue to be beautiful and wide-legged or slim and tapered, cigarette style.

Lace and trimmings

Where to buy now: Warehouse, Zara, Dorothy Perkins, M&S.

Look for pieces that have a little lace detail, like the above Zara trousers with a lace cuff at the bottom, or the warehouse jumper with tonal lace inlay at the neck.

Feathers and fringing

Where to buy now: Topshop, Dorothy Perkins.

This trend is obviously one of the more extreme. The best way to add a little bit into your outfit its to accessorise. This could be with a cool necklace, earrings or indeed the feather mule!

Pattern clash continued…

Where to buy now: Warehouse, H&M, Mango.

The simplest way to do this trend is to DIY it. This trend has been around 2 seasons now and is getting more extreme. A easy way of doing it is adding a patterned belt to a patterned dress, or some patterned tights to a patterned skirt. Its really an ‘anything goes’ trend, so don’t be scared to go bold!

Coloured tailoring

Where to buy now: Warehouse, Dorothy Perkins, River Island.

This is probably the easiest fashion update you can go for. Accessible to all of us, this trend is suitable for all body shapes and there will be a broad range of colours to choose from.

The BIG bow

Where to buy now: Zara, M&S.

Oh my goodness this trend makes me happy! This is why I adore fashion so much – there is a sense of humour at the root of this. Our interpretation doesn’t have to be so oversized – instead tie a pussy bow with a silky blouse, or you could incorporate the above pattern clash and tie a silky scarf in a big bow over the top of a printed blouse or t-shirt.

The cycling short

This is more of a heads up than a ‘lets do this!’. There is one place these belong and thats, lets see, oh yeah, they don’t…

And just in case there was ever any doubt…


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