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Due to popular demand, I’m blogging all about boots today. I’m in huge denial about boots weather. I am such a summer girl, and even though I feel more comfortable in Autumn/Winter clothing, I do feel sad when the summer leaves us and we all get colds and look sallow!

But on a positive note, with the new season, comes NEW fashion. I was in Bluewater yesterday and all of the sales assistants were super excited too, and there’s a real buzz in the air when the new lines hit the shops. The sales have left us at long last, and we can start planning the months ahead.

I would always suggest shopping as early into a season as you can, even when the weather doesn’t match what the shops are selling. How many of you struggled to find the infamous Next Boy shorts in July? That’s because you should have bought them in April/May! Crazy I know, but it’s always good to get ahead with your shopping.

We have two major trends that have emerged when it comes to winter boots.

Cowboy Boots.

These ARE a trend and are likely to look dated in a year, but if you want to be ahead of the fashion pack, pick up a pair of cowboy boots and say “whip crack away”, Calamity Jane style. These leather cowboy boots below are from Topshop.

Animal Print

As predicted, leopard, snake and zebra prints are dominating the high street this season. Adding a flash of animal print on your boots is a great way to liven up any outfit. These beauties are from New Look and come in wide fit too.

I’m not going to focus too much on trends, as I will leave that to the fashion expert bloggers out there. My job, is to tell you how you can look your best in a pair of boots. I have even covered skinny ankles and chunky legs as they are questions that crop up A LOT on the Styled By Susie Facebook Community.

So let’s start….

Chunky Legs

If you have chunky legs (can I just say that this is a term I would NEVER use about a client, but this is a popular term you guys use in the Community so I thought it was easier for you this way!)

The chunkier the leg, the chunkier the boot should be. This is not a time for kitten heels, pointy boots or anything that is going to cling onto the leg too much. We need to see a slight gap between the leg and the boot, and this is why I sway clients away from knee high boots!

Slouchy ankle boots work well, or if you can’t find slouchy, then Chelsea boots work well, biker boots or Dr Martens. Ideally you should be able to fit your finger between the boot and your leg, because this will make your leg look slimmer.

Black Slouch Ankle BootsLeather Chelsea BootsAnkle Zip BootsBiker Ankle BootsImage result for dr martensBlack Snake Print Chunky Buckle Boots

L-R: Next, Next, Next, Next, Dr Martens & New Look.

Skinny Ankles

If you have skinny ankles, ankle boots can be problematic and it’s likely that a Dr Marten boot will make your leg look like a golf club! Stay away from the chunky, biker style boots and go for a boot that is going to be tighter around the lower leg.

You can safely go for sock boots, western boots, pixie boots, mid calf boots, or high top style trainer boots. If you really do love a biker boot, then go for one that comes a little higher up the leg. Alternatively, go for something completely different, like an over the knee boot.

Pointed toes will be better for you than round toes, and detail on the boot works particularly well because it minimises the size of the shoe. A Chelsea boot is too plain and bulky for a skinny ankle.

Black Suede Western BootsVans Black Sk8-Hi Marvel Black Panther Womens TrainersPimkie Studded Buckle Ankle BootsPublic Desire Black Flat Tie Back Over The Knee Boot

L-R: New Look, New Look, Office, VANS,,

“Neither Chunky or Skinny” Legs

For those inbetweeners, you can get away with anything. My general advice is to err on the side of chunky footwear if you’re on the curvy side.

And remember….style shouldn’t be serious. It shouldn’t make you cry, it shouldn’t make you anxious and it should be fun. So have fun with it and don’t get too worried! If you’ve got skinny legs but you love your Dr Martens, well go for it. There’s no law or siren that’ll go off when you wear them!

I’m here to advise and to reassure, and my main goal is to ensure you feel comfortable, stylish and happy in your clothes.

Happy shopping!


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