What we should all start doing more of….

Welcome to the team, Merrisha Gordon! We hope you enjoy the first of Merrisha's blogs as she joins the SBS team this year as our life coaching advisor. To enquire into Merrisha's life coaching services, just drop us an email at admin@styledbysusie.co.uk In the meantime, enjoy these top tips! Susie xx It’s a new year! … Continue reading What we should all start doing more of….

“I feel too dressy in jewellery”

I'm back to de-bunk another style myth this week, and this time it's all about costume jewellery. It's the one area that most clients struggle with. There are many reasons for this and often it's because bold jewellery makes them stand out, and if you're lacking in confidence that's often a frightening prospect. One of… Continue reading “I feel too dressy in jewellery”