Accessories – by Karina…

So here it is, you asked for a blog on accessories and that’s what I have done for you.

Accessories are key to any outfit and it’s amazing to see how they can really bring an outfit together or dress up a simple jeans and white t-shirt combo. Read ahead if you want to get some tips on how you can incorporate them into your everyday outfits.

I’ve always been an accessory girl, before kids I had boxes of the stuff, necklaces, earrings, rings, scarves, belts, hats and gloves. Every outfit was finished off with earrings and a necklace. Then I had kids and I became just a jeans and t-shirt girl, which was really like me, but I needed to be practical. I just got out of the habit of wearing jewellery.

And then I started my SBS journey and I’ve fallen in love again…..


There are so many types, my go to are pearl studs and hoops (I know… one extreme to the other!). But I feel like it can really set me up for the mood of my day. If you are new to earrings, then start with some small ones until you become more comfortable. Earrings can really shape your face and are a great way to add a splash of colour, especially when you might be finding it hard to incorporate some of the colours from your analysis. Here I’ve worn some statement earrings just to jazz up a jeans and white shirt outfit.



This is one that comes up a lot. The length of your necklace will most likely depend on the neckline you are wearing, but don’t be afraid to experiment. Scoop neck and v necks look great with small length necklaces, but that you could also wear longline ones, as long as they sit lower than your neckline. If you choose to wear a high neck top, then I would suggest wearing a longline neckline and it works best if the pendent ends under the bust.


Layered necklaces are also great and fun to play around with, don’t feel like you have to stick to the ones that you can find in the shops, you could create your own and play around with what you have at home.

Statement necklaces are great. They can really dress up a simple outfit, here’s mine with a grey dress.

With a statement necklace, keep your earrings simple. You could pick out a colour from your necklace to match your earrings with. But make sure the necklace the is key feature.

A question us stylists get all the time is can I hear a big necklace with big earrings? I would generally say no, it’s best to keep one the main feature of your outfit. So choose which one it is and stick to it.


Belts are great when you need to cinch in your waist or create some definition. Again, I never used to wear belts and just never thought they’d suit me. But a belt with your jeans can really frame a silhouette, or simply keep them up!  Whether you have been suggested to tuck your tops in or not from your analysis they are a great way to add colour or print. And don’t forget you can wear them over clothing such as dresses to give them shape or a long line cardigan like I have done below.


You can get belts in different widths I think standard and thin ones work well with jeans. For dresses you can wear either. But if you’re going high waisted belts over a dress then choose a thicker width so it sits nicely against your bust and tummy.


If you’ve had an online analysis with me and I can see that you might be a bit daunted by some of the colours I’ve suggested for you, then I will always suggest you start with a scarf from your colour palette. It just adds that pop of colour and as you ladies know once you get that confidence, you’ll start introducing more colour into your wardrobe. They’re also a great way to brighten up a jacket, so you can have fun creating some lovely colour combinations, here are two of mine.

There you have my guide to accessories and how you can try to incorporate them into your everyday outfits. Remember that they are a great way to add colour, change the style of an outfit and add some finishing touches. They don’t have to be expensive and they can be a great way to start your Styled By Susie journey!

If you have had an online analysis with us or a personal shop, you’ll know what works best for your body shape. And if you haven’t then you can book these via the website.

So get experimenting ladies – they’re so fun to play around with!

Karina xx


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