“Never mix….”

This week’s style myth busting is all about mixing colours or prints that “shouldn’t” go together!

Black with Navy

So many ladies I have met, have assumed you can’t wear blue with black, particularly blue denim with black tights, or blue denim with a black top. However, I think they go SO well together.

For example, if you were wearing a blue denim skirt and you opted for navy tights, it can end up looking a little too “matchy”. If you are going to be wearing black boots with your outfit, then black tights would be a much better choice. It’s also a much more contemporary look. Matching colours too closely can look dated!

The only time we would advise against mixing navy with black would be within a suit (e.g mis matched suit trousers and blazer).

Mixing your textures is useful too. For example, indigo denim jeans with a black cable knit jumper…..black coated jeans with a denim blue shirt. Mixing your textures creates an intentional colour clash and a well styled look.

“Never mix patterns…”

When you learn how to clash patterns, you can have so much fun and it’s not as difficult or intimidating as it sounds! Style is a form of art and your personal style can be whatever you want it to be! I’m here with a helping hand to guide you on the best way to pattern clash, while still keeping the overall look nicely polished.

Firstly, consider your neutral base. These could include :

  • Camo print
  • Animal print
  • Stripes

Then, add an accent pattern. An accent pattern is generally better in a smaller print, but not essential. Your accent pattern could include :

  • Stars
  • Polka dots
  • Florals

The key is, to try and choose patterns of different sizes. Don’t choose two bold patterns or two small patterns. Two small patterns will be a bit jarring for the eyes, and two large patterns will cancel each other out.

Keep the rest of the outfit neutral and understated so that your pattern clash is the statement of your outfit. Keep accessories to a minimum and at the most, add a bright lip, but everything else should ideally be nice and neutral.

Pattern clashing works on all body shapes and if you didn’t want to try an all over pattern clash, then try just your top half, just your bottom half or even just a clashing printed bag.

Here are some examples of ladies rocking the pattern clash!

Let me know how you get on if you try any of these ideas!

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