Staying Stylish in Winter

As much as I love a biker jacket, suede ankle boots and a dress with black tights, sometimes the weather thinks otherwise!

Rather than have you freeze, I thought I would write a blog about how to stay stylish and warm when the weather is raining or snowing.

I absolutely hate snow and ice. I love it at the weekends, but driving on it, or worse, WALKING on it is horrible! I hate that feeling of slipping and sliding, so I am always on the look out for great footwear that makes me feel safe, yet cosy in these conditions.

Also, since my son started in Year 1, I found myself standing in the bigger playground with no shelter. Gone were the lovely, nurturing days of Reception where we had our own little playground to stand in, under a nice shelter. Now we are out in the elements, impatiently waiting for the bell to ring!

So this leads to the question….What the hell to wear in such conditions?


When the suede boots and plimsolls just don’t cut it – reach for the snow boot. It’s great for gripping onto snow (obviously, durrrr) and will keep your feet nice and snuggly when you’re walking to the train station or to the school gates. They don’t look like typical walking boots either, with the trendy herringbone check. Worn with skinny jeans they will still look stylish for public wear!

They can range in price, but I have these ones by Zakti which were only £40.


Zakti Women’s Snow Angel Boots – £39.99


I remember walking out of Office shoes last year thinking “Oh my God, I have never spent so much on a pair of boots”. DM’s aren’t cheap, but if you’re tempted, I can guarantee you that they will give you some serious mileage. I wear mine every other day during the winter, and they are worth every penny. You need thick socks with them, but if you need something that grips, is waterproof and hard wearing, the DM is your friend. They are horrible to wear in as they rub on the ankles, but once you’ve got through it, they are worth the initial pain!


Dr Martens – £95.00


When it’s not raining or snowing, but you want cosy feet, M&S have come up trumps with these lovely, furry boots. They will keep your feet nice and toasty and they look really stylish too. They also come in black which would look cute with some black tights and a dress too!


M&S Collection, Suede Side Zip Boots – £65.00


I also love a good welly boot! Since having my son, I have one calf that is bigger than the other, so my hubby has a laugh always yanking my right welly off my leg when it gets stuck! Apart from that humiliation, they are so handy, and great for trips to the farm when you need to keep more of your leg covered. It’s essential to wear them with nice cosy socks though as they are waterproof, but not warm. Did I mention these were leopard print?!


Matalan Leopard Print Wellies – £15.00


I do love a winter hat, and a lot of ladies feel silly in hats. You shouldn’t because they suit all of you!

If you have a small head, or small features, go for something not too oversized or you’ll look like Puss in Boots. If you’re like me and you have a head so big that it doesn’t fit mens’ hats, then go for something big that will work with your proportions.

A fedora looks great, but as this blog is about being practical, let’s talk about warm ones.

Firstly, try ear muffs!


I get teased (usually by blokes) when I wear them, but I have the last laugh when my ears are toasty warm and singing with joy. I get really cold ears, and nothing makes me more miserable than a howling wind on my lug holes. If you don’t like hat hair, or you struggle with hats, go for an ear muff instead.

Word of warning with hats and ear muffs – never go for one that is the same colour as your hair, or you will look like Princess Leia from a distance.


Accessorize Ear Muffs – £15.00


Debenhams have a glorious selection of winter hats – nice and cosy and in a variety of colours. If you are worried about what you’ll look like, then get over yourself and remember a cold head will thank you when it’s tucked up in a warm brightly coloured hat.

Oh, and if I ever see you wearing a hat with ears….I will have to hit you with a wet fish!


Both hats from Debenhams and both £13.00.


If you want a cross between a hat and ear muffs, go for a head band. they look fab, particularly if you have either really long hair or a pixie cut. On my mid bob length, I look like David Ginola.

7971057-1-black Headband – £4.00


Not just for your Grandpa, these babies come in real handy. You can pop them under any outfit, even a dress, and you can stay smugly warm all day. They’re also good if you sweat as they dry that bitch up fast! A roll neck thermal could even be worn under a shift dress if you feel the cold and you need something nice for work.


Mountain Warehouse (never thought I would use them on a style blog) Talus Long Sleeved Thermal – £9.00


I know that you can get these gloves now that allow you to text and use your phone, but as a self confessed phone addict, even that’s a step too far for me. I like a good mitten because it forces me to not use my phone and enjoy the zen of life while my hands stay warm. These are my actual mittens and I can say they are so blooming snuggly it’s untrue.


New Look Faux Shearling Mittens – £5.00

If you do want to text your friends while you’re slip sliding on the snow, then be my guest, but I take no responsibility, despite recommending these Aldo gloves. “These gloves are made for texting” as Nancy Sinatra once sang.


Aldo “Adeanna” Gloves – £7.98


A scarf is a no brainer when it’s cold, but if you’re asthmatic like me, the cold is bad news for us. So I try to always keep a scarf on me to breathe through. When it’s cold, don’t bother with the pretty scarves and go FULL on warmth, cable knit, Werthers Original style comfort.


Zara – £25.00

This is the most SHHHHNUGGLY scarf I have ever worn, and it’s warmer than it looks online. Worth every penny, Mr Bonas.


Oliver Bonas – £28.00


I’m getting hungry for my lunch now, so I’m not going to do a full on body shape guide for coats. But what I will say, is that sometimes comfort has to come into play. Don’t worry, even I have a duvet coat that keeps me warm and dry.

This is my one. I did try a SuperDry one the year before, which was lovely in the rain, but not very warm and the millions of zips used to give me chronic stress.

With a waterproof, warm coat, you get what you pay for, and that’s where the outdoor shops come in handy. When I go in them I always want to do outdoorsy things, get a mountain bike and buy the astronaut style camping food. And then I remember what a princess I am and walk out laughing to myself.


Jack Wolfskin “Selenium Bay Down Jacket” – £75.00

Blog written by Susie Hasler, managing director & stylist at Styled By Susie.


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