Hair Trends for 2018

Today, we welcome guest blogger, Fiona McIntyre. Fiona is a freelance hairdresser as well as Susie’s hairdresser! Fiona keeps herself up to date with the latest trends, styles and techniques, and is a wealth of knowledge about the industry.

We asked Fiona to write a blog, telling us what hairstyles and trends will be hot for 2018.



2017 saw the sale of tongs, heated rollers and waves soar, with celebs everywhere sporting undone, messy beach waves. In 2018 it’s time to up the ante and get those curls even bigger and better. Curly girls, this is your year.

(Note from Susie: Fiona recommends the Babyliss Curl Secret styler for beginners, if you’re not used to adding curls using GHD’s. It can be fiddly from the back, but a great place to start if you need a simple way to curl your hair. Otherwise, Fiona thinks that GHD’s rather than curling wands, are best for adding curls to straight hair).

Fiona’s perfect product- GHD Heat Protect Spray.


With fashion still making a huge reference to all things 90’s, like it or not, the SCRUNCHIE is back!

I personally loved these back in the day and now I’m conscious of how much less breakage they cause to hair in a high ponytail!

They’re great for the gym too!

Fiona’s perfect product- The best scrunchies can be found in Topshop, Primark and Claire’s Accessories.



Forget your toner and purple shampoo obsession, the icy clean Elsa-from-Frozen blonde is over.

This coming Spring and Summer is all about darker unkempt roots with a warmer, more natural blonde a la Emma Roberts. (Perfect for when you don’t have time to get your roots done!!!)

Fiona’s perfect product- Bleach London Smoky Shampoo.



2018’s take on the braiding trend of recent seasons, this look is all about the ‘schoolgirl’ plait.

Reminiscent of the ones your mum would do before school that would end up a much messier version by home time, keep these loose and chunky, don’t worry about bits ‘hanging out’, that’s what makes the look.

Fiona’s perfect product- L’Oreal Elnett Natural Hold.



Once again harking back to the 90s, don’t think of the bob as neat, structured and polished as it has been in recent years, this is very much an edgy, rock n roll, not-too-tamed look (perfect for those with little time for styling).

Scruff it up with some salt spray and keep the fringe eye-skimming and not too perfectly straight.

Fiona’s perfect product- Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray


Blog post written by Fiona McIntyre. Visit Fiona’s website to book your hair appointment. Or visit Facebook



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