The Secret To Looking Effortless

When I meet my clients, they tell me that they want to look stylish but not like they have tried too hard. This makes complete sense to me, as the #goal is to look like you have just thrown something on and it’s a part of your style.

This is possible, and I would say I have got to a stage where I feel my look is effortless. I don’t stand in front of my wardrobe staring at different options, or trying loads on and asking my Instagram followers “which one?”. I just put it on, go with it and own it.

Here are a few little tips that have helped me get to a point where style can be effortless. There’s nothing worse than looking like you have tried too hard, or you look totally uncomfortable in your outfit.

TIP 1 – Plan from the shoes up.

This tip has revolutionised my clients’ way of thinking, and it’s the easiest way to plan your outfit. So many women put together their outfit, and then get to the shoes and think “argh”, which ones?! They then realise their shoes don’t go with their outfit, so the clothes are taken off angrily and the stress begins of planning the next outfit…and they were already running late anyway.

I look at what the weather is doing, and what I am doing that day. If I am having a Mum day at the weekend, where we are possibly going to get a bit muddy, I will think “Dr Marten boots”. From there, I decide what comes next, whether I want to go for skinny jeans, or tights and a dress. Once the shoes are decided, the rest is easy.

Or if I am personal shopping, I will choose a trainer. If I go for a chunky white trainer, it means I can afford to go for something a bit funky on my bottom half as my shoes will balance out my bum and hips.

Planning your outfit from the feet up will be a real game changer, and will make your mornings so much easier.

TIP 2 – Comfort.

As much as I would love to rock a pair of heels, like my colleague, Sarah Lilly – I just can’t wear them for long! As a tall girl, I am quite heavy, so carrying weight around on a heel is very hard work! This is why I live in shoes that feel comfortable. Sarah feels herself in a pair of heels, and they work for her because she can still fly around like Carrie Bradshaw, feeling comfortable.

If you are feeling comfortable then you will look comfortable. This doesn’t just go for shoes. Are you wearing a short skirt that you will spend all day pulling down? A new necklace that you can’t stop fiddling with? Go for style that feels comfortable. I always say to clients that you shouldn’t be aware of what you are wearing. Your clothes should feel like your second skin and you shouldn’t have to tug at them all day through feeling self conscious.

Feeling comfortable in your clothing means that you forget you are wearing a bright pattern or necklace, until someone compliments you. Quite often someone will say they like my earrings, and I will have forgotten which ones they are! If your outfit feels like your second skin and you can run, laugh and wave in it, then you will look happy, carefree and confident…not to mention, effortless.

TIP 3 – Own it.

It’s the big day. You have decided to wear those patterned trousers on the school run. Your heart beats faster as you approach the playground, and you start tucking your hair nervously behind your ear. STOP!!!! Own it! Pretend you have been wearing these trousers for 5 centuries and it’s totes normal!!!

You will draw attention to yourself with your nervous shuffling and hair tucking, so just strut through that playground, and when your friend says “ooh nice trousers”, you say “oh these?” and smile coquettishly like Marilyn Monroe.

TIP 4 – Dress like you.

Just because your friend looks great in a headband and statement earrings, doesn’t mean to say that style will work for you. It’s good not to clone anyone and to be you all the way!

One of my friends is a real girlie girl and looks awesome in pastel colours, floral pretty prints and feminine styles. If I tried to recreate that, I would look like Dame Judi Dench, and therefore, feel uncomfortable. The same as, if she wore Dr Marten boots, fishnets and camo trousers, she would look completely unrecognisable (in a bad way).

So find what works for you. Are you a girlie girl who looks great in Oasis style prints and patterns? Or do you prefer a classic Parisian look with bretons, blazers and white jeans? Dress like you and you will look like you…not a poor imitation. There’s nothing better than individuality, creativity and personality. Work it girlfriend.

TIP 5 – Break the seal.

The first time you wear something new and scary (for me it was dungarees and my camo trousers), make sure you are seeing someone supportive and loving.

So when I wore my trousers, I was seeing my Mum and sister at Hever Castle for lunch. I arrived feeling like every single woman, man, duck, swan and Tudor were looking at my trousers, but I soon got over it and realised no one gives a shit about what anyone else is wearing!!! I had an amazing day, and it meant when I wore them yesterday, I forgot I was even wearing them.

If I had worn them somewhere I was likely to get a negative comment, then I may never have worn them again. So break the seal with appropriate people, and the second time you wear it, you will look so effortless, stylish and carefree.

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