Myths about Styled By Susie

I took one of my really good friends personal shopping last Autumn. Before we shopped together, she told one of our other friends that she was worried I would make her wear white trainers!

While we drove up to Bluewater on the day, I put her mind at ease about a few things, and sometimes we hear that there are misconceptions or myths surrounding what we do and how we do it.

So….what could be more perfect, than writing a blog addressing some of them?

Myth : “I will be told to tuck everything in”

Truth : I’m not sure where it started that I told every woman to tuck tops into her jeans, skirts and trousers! In fact, it was only yesterday I was doing a wardrobe edit with a client, and I told her to untuck a top.

Tucking tops in works really well for some items of clothing, particularly skirts. The idea of tucking a top in, makes sure that the top doesn’t drown too much of the skirt, which can create the effect of a long torso.

The only time I tuck tops into my jeans, is when I am wearing Mom jeans, and even then, sometimes I don’t, if the top is short enough.

Just ensure that your top isn’t drowning your bottom half too much, and if you don’t want to tuck a top in, you don’t have to. Just bear in mind, that if you’re wearing a skirt, you’re much more likely to show off your waist!

Myth : “I will be told to wear big necklaces and big earrings”

Truth: Costume jewellery can make a big difference to your shape and it can be the finishing touch on an otherwise basic outfit.

However, in reality, most clients feel uncomfortable choosing statement jewellery, and I am more surprised when a client wants me to pick big earrings during a shop!

Statement necklaces and chunky jewellery can work really well if you want to slim the frame, and they can work really well on taller ladies too. I rarely wear dainty jewellery because it gets lost on my frame.

If you prefer smaller earrings, go for smaller earrings, but perhaps experiment with larger ones for nights out and see how you get on.

The fact of the matter is, that we never MAKE you wear or buy anything you don’t want to!

Myth : “I will be told to wear white trainers”

Truth: The reason we love white trainers so much (as do many visual merchandisers) is because they are so versatile. Look at the Hush catalogue or New Look website and you’ll see many outfits are paired with white trainers!

The reason many women struggle with putting outfits together, is because they never know what footwear to go for. The beauty of white trainers is that they save you buying lots of shoes as you can wear them with dresses, jumpsuits, jeans, shorts and playsuits. In short, you get more outfits from one pair of shoes, which means you spend less money and life is therefore easier getting dressed!

However, if you come out in a rash at the thought of white trainers, because they’re not your thing, there are other alternatives. A metallic trainers works just as well, as does an espadrille, trainer brogue or leopard print trainers.

The reason many clients in the Facebook Group recommend white trainers to each other, is because they have found how useful and versatile they are!

Myth : “I will be told to wear a biker jacket”

Truth : We have some clients that really don’t like biker jackets and they say to us that they’ve tried them and they just don’t look right. Instead, we look at alternatives, such as suedette jackets that will be a bit softer for them.

The reason we love biker and denim jackets, is the same as the white trainer rule. They go with EVERYTHING!

We are constantly questioned about our role in sustainability, avoiding waste and fast fashion. Rather than a cupboard full of different jackets and blazers, you could have just two jackets that will see you through every season, year after year.

Myth : “If I shop with Susie I will be told to dress like Noel Fielding and if I shop with Sarah I will be told to wear heels”

Truth: We don’t dress you like us! We do have clients that ask to dress like us, but that’s actually quite rare (rude haha).

A professional stylist is able to dress an individual as an individual, in the same way that your hairdresser doesn’t cut your hair like theirs!

I had a client last week who was really girlie. She disliked camo print, any form of animal print and didn’t want any form of faux leather. Do you think I shook her hand and left the building?……..

Instead, we encouraged her super girlie, Holly Willoughby style, with florals, pinks and softer fabrics.

Myth: “I’ve been told I am edgy but some days I don’t want to dress in that way”

Truth: You can change up your style personality depending on how you feel. Some days I feel like dressing in a more Parisian, chic way, where as others I dress like Eleven from Stranger Things.

The beauty of style is that you can use it to express your mood each day. One thing you will never see me in, is anything too girlie because it’s just not me.

Conclusion and a few more thoughts:

Our aim is to help women feel comfortable and confident in the clothes they’re in. We have less time in the morning as our lives get busier, so we want to take that stress away from your decision making.

Clients have saved hundreds of pounds per year, by shopping more efficiently, using our guidelines.

The Facebook group is an excellent space for you to share ideas, and remember any advice you are given in there is a personal opinion as opposed to a professional opinion.

We have an amazing admin team to ensure the group is a safe space where women don’t feel judged.

It can be very hard for the admin team because what doesn’t offend one member, will be reported as offensive by another.

The language in the Facebook group is encouraged to be positive. There is a big reason behind this. Say a member posts a photo of herself, saying “what do we think, ladies, I am a size 18, do these jeans make my fat c section tummy look huge?”.

Somewhere out there, a size 22 woman who has a bigger tummy than you will start looking at herself differently. She will start questioning if HER clothes make her c section tummy look huge, because her tummy is bigger than the other member.

Imagine you are a 6ft tall woman and someone posted “I hate being 5ft 8, it makes me feel like I stand out everywhere I go. I feel so self conscious”. The woman who is 4 inches taller than you is going to become self aware about how tall SHE looks. This becomes a new hang up for her.

This is the main reason we encourage positive language within the Facebook group. The last thing we ever want is for another woman to question herself or feel crap about herself. And by becoming more self aware of how we talk about ourselves, ultimately has a positive impact on others.

Sending love to you all during this anxious time and I hope you all stay well.

Susie xx

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