SATC – Get the look….

Written by Karina & Mhairi

On Monday morning we all woke up to the wonderful news that Sex and the City would be returning. Just the kind of excitement we all need to get us moving on a Monday morning (especially in January of 2021!). Not only that but it answered my question that night after the kids went to bed of “What show should I binge watch now”. I made my way through quite a few episodes last night and have fallen back in love with it all over again.

Although the clothes are usually designer and not necessarily looks that would work every day, I still love taking inspiration from all 4 ladies on the show. I love just how different all their looks are and how they have all evolved well over time too.

In this blog, Karina and I will look at the characters staple looks and show you how to recreate them for everyday wear from the High Street.

Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones is the queen of the power suit. Infact, it’s not just that she nails wearing suits, she does it with so much colour and WOW factor.

She embraces OTT accessories, matchy matchy looks as well as colour clashing and quite often will have either an 80’s feel or a 50’s Hollywood glam touch to the cuts she chooses too.

 I think one of the reasons that she pulls it off so well is because she goes all in with the looks. She doesn’t just match a handbag and shoes, she also matches the jewellery and belts to them. She doesn’t just do colour clashing with 2 colours, she will use multiple colours as well as mixing prints and textures.

Suit – ASOS petite



Dress –

Earrings –

Bag –

Belt –!8125!3!297909388740!!!g!531847707289!&cm_mmc=PLA-_-GoogleNMPICSS1585740202-_-60124336736-_-40229062

Leather Jacket –

Charlotte York

Ah Charlotte, she is just always so impeccably beautiful.

She is a 50/50 split of Girl Next Door and Parisian rolled into one. Her pieces are classic cut, well fitting and fuss free yet she never looks boring.

When I started watching Sex and the City as a teen she really was that real life (although in a TV show) Princess. This was before the likes of Kate Middleton (or Sarah Lily and Fi) were gracing our screens and magazines with her classic look and it was so lovely to see this style being portrayed on a relatable character and in such a beautiful way.

Dress –

Boots –



Bag –

Dress –

Coat –

Earrings –


Carrie Bradshaw 

I love, love, love the style of Carrie Bradshaw! She’s classic, eccentric, bold and edgy. She always dressed with such confidence that no matter what she wore she owned it. Her style over the years was always distinctive and there were so many outfits that stood out for me. 

Her style was a big influence on my wardrobe and with so many looks to choose from, it might seem a bit hard to recreate them for an everyday look. But with bold prints, colours and even some heels, it is possible!,37/3910308130?referer=carousel

Miranda Hobbes 

Miranda’s style evolved massively during the show. She went from a corporate androgynous style to wearing a colourful array of structured dresses, showing off a more feminine side. One thing you would always find in all her outfits were bold accessories such as statement earrings, belts and fun handbags creating some standout looks. 

Miranda’s style particularly evolved after becoming a mum, her looks softened to a more feminine and casual style. Her wardrobe also took a turn with colours she wore, and they become bolder, complementing her gorgeous hair.

So now the big question……which character is most like you?

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