Am I too old?

Throughout my 9 years of shopping with women, I have heard many labels they have put on themselves and every week I am going to be delving into them in more depth.

There is a huge fear that we will be seen as trying to dress too young, or that AWFUL saying “mutton dressed as lamb” which has forever stuck in our minds. At what age do we become “mutton” exactly, hmmmm?! The term “mutton dressed as lamb” first originated by the Prince of Wales in 1811. Don’t you think we have moved on a bit since then?

Just because you are a certain age, your children may be grown up, does that mean you have to succomb to a life in beige, boring clothes?

So many women think they can’t wear leopard print (due to Bette Lynch) or bold earrings (due to Pat Butcher). We need to leave these associations in the past, and who ever said that Bette and Pat were unworthy style icons?!

The benefit of (pre pandemic) personal shopping 4 days a week, is that I would see women of all ages in Topshop trying clothes on. No one batted an eyelid. The changing room assistants didn’t turn them away and a siren didn’t go off when they walked into the shop! There were no sniggers, no mocking, no pointing or tomato throwing.

Unfortunately, the patriarchy means that older women disappear from our TV screens after the age of 50. If broadcasters and the media make women feel they should be hidden as they get older, is it any wonder we too follow that narrative?

You should never place an age on your style and your choices should come down to what you love, what brings you joy and confidence. Once you know how to flatter your shape and skintone with cuts, colours, necklines, etc, you really needn’t be restricted by anything.

I will never let age restrict me. I will dress for my body shape, my colouring and my style personality until my very last breath!

I will be the Adidas wearing 95 year old, wearing oversized glasses and chunky jewellery!

So the next time you think you are mutton dressed as lamb…..think to yourself…are you in 1811 still?

Change starts with us. Let’s normalise and represent fashion, style, colour and boldness at all ages.

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