“I feel too dressy in jewellery”

I’m back to de-bunk another style myth this week, and this time it’s all about costume jewellery. It’s the one area that most clients struggle with. There are many reasons for this and often it’s because bold jewellery makes them stand out, and if you’re lacking in confidence that’s often a frightening prospect.

One of the reasons clients have previously shied away from jewellery is because they are worried it’ll make them look too dressy. Comments such as “where are you off to?” can make many women feel ashamed if they don’t have plans to shoot off to the Ritz with Mr Bond after the school run.

What is wrong with looking dressed up anyway? Absolutely nothing! Also, I need to address the Pat Butcher thing. “I can’t wear those as they make me think of Pat Butcher”.

But….can I tell you who has the last laugh?….Pat! How many soap characters have stood out in your memory due to their style choices? While Pat’s bold earrings have always been a bit Marmite, she’s always made a lasting impression and that’s what we want! Be more Pat!!

In all seriousness, you really needn’t worry about costume jewellery. Once you are used to wearing it, you won’t think twice about putting on a necklace or earrings every day. It becomes second nature, much like brushing your teeth or having a glass of wine on a Friday night 😉

So if you are worried that your jewellery is a bit Downton Abbey for the school run, have a think about what you’re wearing it with.

If you wear a statement necklace or glitzy earrings with a ball gown or long, velvet dress, then, yes, you may end up being snapped up as the 7th wife of Henry VIII.

However, if you pair your necklace or earrings with a white tee, slogan sweatshirt or denim dress, you will make it a much more casual, contemporary look.

Speaking of denim, a statement necklace looks HEAVENLY with a denim shirt, poking out from underneath the collar. Great if you’re a pear or rectangle shape. If you’re an apple, hourglass or strawberry, you could have the shirt unbuttoned and wear the necklace against a tee, layered underneath. The v-neckline of the unbuttoned shirt will be flattering for your top half.

If we really wore what we loved, we would feel so much happier. So often, we are carrying the weight of other people’s opinions, whether it’s our partners, families, friends or colleagues. We keep ourselves in a secure comfort zone for fear of what other people will say, but that’s so stifling to your style.

Get bolder, get braver. If someone says something, who gives a stuff? I’ve had pretty much everything written about me and I’ve not shrunk away, never to be seen again. You can do it! Me and Pat are behind you!

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