Get The Look – It’s A Sin

Hi everyone, it’s Mhairi here!

I recently binged watched the new Channel 4 drama “It’s a sin” and absolutely loved it. It was so well written, I was laughing, crying and gasping in shock at things that were considered the norm for the 80’s (like the questions asked when applying for a mortgage!). I feel I could write a whole post on the show, the writing and characters are based on real life people (Did you know that the character “Jill” was based on someone real? And that “someone real” actually played Jill’s Mum in the show?)

Unsurprisingly, I will be focusing on the style and how you can recreate the looks of Jill.

I must admit that I have a love for the 80’s. The movies, music and fashion! I always feel so inspired to go a touch 80’s after watching movies like The Breakfast Club (which inspired my pink jumper purchase).

The first TV show I saw that cemented my love of 80’s fashion was Ashes to Ashes starring Keeley Hawes as DI Alex Drake. So much so that I even purchased her white leather jacket from Wested Leather who made the original one for the show.

 It’s a sin was a mainly male cast but Jill had some great outfits too. The blazer and neckerchief while sinning? The double denim look? All of these can be easily recreated to work for you now.

Don’t feel like you need to have a Retro style personality to pull off the 80’s looks either. I will break down some looks based on other Style Personalities for you all below. Remember it’s about looking for inspiration. For me, the 80’s style is all about bright colours, light denims and oversized jumpers, jackets & trousers!


The Parisian personality lends itself so well to this look. Make sure you go for a relaxed fit blazer that’s nice and long fitting. If you are on the taller side, you may find going for one from the Tall section will give you a better fit. You can turn up the sleeve of your blazer and pull down your shirt sleeve so it’s peeking out from the bottom.








Girl Next Door

There are so many gorgeous knitted pieces available at the moment that have a vintage feel to them thanks to the cable knit or honeycomb pattern used. These items are usually quite slouchy too which is perfect for an 80’s vibe.

Another item making a come back is the Scrunchie – perfect for lock down hair, much better for your hair and there are lots of small businesses making them, which is great for supporting small.



Denim shirt –

Girl Next Door with an Edge

I thought I would go for something slightly different for the slogan tee. I have paired it with a skirt and colourful accessories, rather than playing it safe with jeans. Remember, there was a LOT of colour in the 80’s! This T shirt by Philip Normal costs £25 of which £20 is donated to a charity that provides support for people living with and affected by HIV.

Charity T shirt






Have fun clashing bright colours and different prints together. This jumpsuit is absolutely beautiful, orange lends itself well to pairing with turquoise, purple and cerise pink. Go OTT with the colours and do it with confidence!







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