Spring cleaning….by Merrisha

Welcome to the blog again, Merrisha, with some excellent advice on “spring cleaning” our lives. Love it! Susie xx

So I know we have been having gail force winds of late, and in some parts of the country people have literally been flying through the air… but one thing I have noticed this week are the bulbs coming through.  The sight of daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops has lifted me a little on the school run, because I can’t help but notice signs of Spring.

Spring for me is always symbolic of new life and fresh beginnings, both in the home and in nature, and there is nothing I love more than a good Spring clean.  But did you ever think that Spring cleaning can also be applied to life?  Decluttering the things that no longer serves us can only make way for things we wish to bring into our lives.

Whilst I wasn’t specifically thinking about throwing things away (although this could be a fab segue into a SBS declutter right?), but why not start with decluttering your environment? It’s a fact that when your home is unsettled it can contribute to bringing your mood down, so start with your home.   Throw out those old clothes and shoes full of nostalgia, sort out those bulging cupboards and clear your working environment.  You will feel much better for it, but it also pathes the way for creativity and fresh new ideas.

But also think about how you can spring clean your mindset by getting rid of habits, thoughts, ideas, beliefs and relationships that do not serve you.

If there is an awareness you are not getting the results you want, it is likely that you’re replaying the same unhelpful patterns on repeat.  So start keeping a thought record diary (which you can do on paper or any CBT based apps) which allows you to examine the thoughts you have about situations, with the intention of reframing it to look at it from a different perspective. 

Start by noting down some of the prominent thoughts coming up about an event or situation that has happened, and rate from 0-10 how much you believe your thought to be true.  Then pay attention to the emotions that are coming up, and how intense they feel in your body.  Does your heart feel like it will literally explode?  Can you feel the anxiety in your tummy?  Or are you aware that you are clenching your jaw in anger?  Then rate how this feels out of 10.  Then see if you can come up with an alternative response to your original thought.  Is there a different way you could look at the situation.  And if you can, challenge yourself to consider how true this too could be.  And see if you can get to a point of accepting this, or being open to the possibility.

Also pay attention to who you have around you, and if you need to spring clean your inner circle, literally ‘dead head’ some relationships.  This might sound harsh, but as we know, every garden needs pruning to flourish.  Why is your mind any different?,

And lastly spring clean your mindset by stepping out of your comfort zone.  Our brains, specifically the Reticular Activating System, like to keep us safe with familiarity.  But this system doesn’t like change, which is why it can feel so uncomfortable.  But this does not mean it is bad for you.  We’ve all heard “change is as good as a rest”.  So think about how you can challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.  

Maybe just maybe you’ll come up smelling of roses😉

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