Life after Analysis

There’s a common theme that occurs. When you find the world of Styled By Susie you feel excited at what is to come! You see all of the ladies on our community, talking about Apples, Hourglasses and Pears, and you want a piece of the action!

You send off your photos and questionnaire, and wait for the results. This is going to change your life like it’s changed everyone else’s right?

You receive your Style Analysis and with excitement, you read through it, texting your friends to tell them what shape and colouring you are.

But what happens next? Many clients are absolutely fine and run off to experiment, never to be heard of again!

Others feel fearful…the fear of getting it “wrong” and overthinking everything in their wardrobe. After all, how chunky is too chunky a trainer?

If this is you…..stop….and breathe!

This blog is to help you with the next stages, after your Style Analysis.

Step 1) Read your Style Analysis.

This seems simple doesn’t it? But you really need to read it! Read it once, twice, three times, four times. Each time you read it, you’ll find something else. Each time you read it, it’ll make more sense. The temptation is to skim through the analysis and not take it in properly.

Don’t read your analysis when the kids are around. Sit down with a coffee and a quiet moment and read through it slowly.

Step 2) Make a list.

What jumps out at you? What excites you? We might have mentioned something you don’t like (such as ripped jeans). If you don’t like it, don’t wear it! Instead, make a list of the parts that DO excite you. Maybe some new colours, a different type of print or maybe a new type of costume jewellery.

Step 3) Head to Pinterest.

Create a Pinterest account and start looking for inspiration. Type in key words that we might have mentioned, such as “tortoiseshell earrings” or “biker jacket maxi dress”.

You will get lots of inspiration from Pinterest, and while many of the women on there are models, you can still see how items are put together, if you are someone that struggles to visualise something.

Step 4) Checkout our Patreon Community 

Our Patreon & Facebook Community is a hive of activity and a great place to chat to fellow clients and followers.  Our goal is to help women create true connections and friendships with other women through their love of style, to offer a safe and fun space for women to explore their personal style – whatever that looks like, and to underpin every woman’s right to feel empowered, stylish, and body positive. We have worked hard on our community guidelines to ensure that they achieve these goals.

So what can you expect from the Styled By Susie Sisterhood?

– LIVE styling events from the SBS team
– Feedback on your outfits from our SBS community
– Exclusive content and discounts only available to Patreon members,

Click here for joining instructions and cost. 

Please remember that every analysis is unique and bespoke. While you may be an hourglass, you might have been given different advice to another hourglass.

This doesn’t mean your information is “wrong” (remember we are a small business and before you post, we ask that you think how it may come across). It just means that you are an individual and we have given you our professional advice, based on your shape.

If you jump in there too early and say “Just been diagnosed as a Winter Apple. What should I wear?”….Firstly, this is frustrating for us to read, because all of the tools are in your analysis advising you what to wear, and secondly you might get a fellow Apple advising you, who has been given alternative advice!

So enjoy the community, but remember your analysis is bespoke to you only.

Step 5) Look through your wardrobe.

Purchase our decluttering guide from the website, which has helped many clients who don’t live locally enough to see us in person. We give you all the tools to declutter your wardrobe. From there, you can purchase our Basic Bitches TM guide, which gives you a great shopping list of items for your body shape.

Step 6) Try some new colours.

If the thought of trying a patterned jumpsuit is freaking you out, then start small. Try a new lipstick, a new coloured scarf or maybe just a different neckline.

You really don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe straight away, and baby steps will be much more effective in the long run, while you are seeing what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Step 7) Don’t like it? Don’t wear it.

Styled By Susie advice isn’t legally binding. There’s no siren that will go off if you wear ballet pumps tomorrow. Our advice is purely that…advice!

Step 8) The work has to come from you.

Your Style Analysis is a toolkit. It gives you ideas and suggestions, designed to help you shop by yourself.

If you saw a counsellor, would you expect the counsellor to fix everything in your life while you sat back, without making any changes?

The counsellor gives you tools to apply to your life, in the same way that we give you tools to apply to your style.

Ultimately, you have to be ready to put the work in, and how far you wish to try and experiment, completely depends on your mindset. The great thing is that you always have your Style Analysis to refer back to, and the Facebook Community for support.

Points to remember….

  1. There is no such thing as failure. As long as you are trying new styles and having fun, you can’t fail or go wrong.
  2. It’s not an overnight process. I (Susie) became a stylist in 2012 and I am still experimenting and developing my style, 7 years later. Your style is never complete.

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