The Perfect Self Tan

We would love to welcome our resident Beauty expert, Kat Heath. Kat has been a client and loyal member of the community for many years, and flies the flag for colour, confidence and happiness! Kat has worked for Clarins, Decleor and has a BTEC in Beauty Therapy, as well as her own successful beauty therapy business.

Today she is sharing her tips for creating a flawless self tan, with no streaks!

Over to you, Kat…

Finally after what felt like a long and gloomy winter we have now reached the beginning of Summer!

For most of the winter our bodies have been covered up underneath layers of clothing, resulting in dryness and an uneven and lacklustre skin tone.

However, as soon as the sun is out we all want to expose the skin on our bodies by wearing our fabulous summer pieces which have been stored away in the wardrobe for what feels like an eternity.

This is the time when many of us make the mistake of reaching for last years self tan products (that have probably reached their sell by date) without any skin preparation resulting in a streaky and patchy application that can take days to dissappear.

Here are some tips to create the perfect tan to compliment your summer wardrobe without stress and with ease.


Just think when you paint a wall you have to rub it down and smooth out any uneven patches before applying the paint. The same goes for applying your tan.

Think of your skin as a blank canvas. Always give your body a dry skin exfoliation 24 hours before applying your tan.

Apply your exfoliator onto a dry skin in circular movements working towards the heart. This will not only remove dead skin cells but also will promote a circulation boost leaving your skin looking radiant and healthy as well as smooth.

Make sure you rinse thoroughly ideally in the shower rather than the bath to ensure no grains are left on the skin.

If you shave this is the time to do so as the exfoliator would have lifted the hairs giving you a closer shave leaving you hair free for longer.


Once you have given your skin a good exfoliation you may find it slightly dry therefore it is vital to use a good body cream or lotion which will keep your skin smooth and radiant.

Pay particular attention to any dry bits such as the knees or elbows and always apply towards the heart to promote healthy circulation.

I always recommend a rich body cream rather than a lotion to maintain moisture levels throughout the day. Again do this 24 hours before applying your self tan.


Before you apply any self tan products always make sure there are no traces of moisturiser or oil on the skin as it can act as a barrier to the tanning agents in the products. Therefore always apply self tan after a shower or bath.

If you have any dry patches on elbows or knees apply a generous amount of moisturiser on these areas to prevent the self tan gathering in those area creating an orange patch.

If you are not using a mitt or glove always apply a layer of moisturiser on to your hands to help prevent unsightly staining on the palms and wash throughly with cold water (heat activates tanning) and soap as soon as you have finished applying.


Keep hold of your beautifully tanned skin by applying body cream after each shower and bath this will prevent dryness as the tanning agents in self tanning products can dry out the skin. It will also seal the colour for a little bit longer.

And remember always protect your skin with an SPF when outside. Even if your self tanning products have a built in SPF for adequate protection you need to reapply a separate product a few hours later.

Blog written by Kat Heath.


Steal our Style

Susie: Autumn Pear   Sarah: Spring Rectangle


Sarah here again! Below I’ve built some classic Susie and Sarah outfits that capture elements of our own personal style and lifestyles. Hope you like it! Can you imagine anything harder then style-analysing the actual Styled by Susie!



Work days

Susie loves a bit of camo – its timeless, great for her season and makes her brilliant at hide and seek. The dress is fitted at the waist and kicks out over the hips, which works brilliantly on a curvier figure. The shirt neckline can be worn fully buttoned or undone to create a V – depending on if you want to make the bust looks fuller or smaller.

The cropped style jacket sits on Susie’s little waist.

Accessories are key, The scarf gives a perfect clash against the dress, the necklaces are worn layered and the chunky trainers balance the whole look out.

2 3

4 5 6 7

Camo print dress, Mango, £44.99
Pleated polka dot scarf, Zara, £15.99
Ciara chunky trainers, Topshop, £39.00
Necklaces, to be worn layered, Topshop, £8.99 & £13.99
Denim Betty jacket, Oasis, £44.99

Mummy days

As a mummy to a gorgeous little boy, Suz goes for a outfit that is simple and easy, ripped jeans suit her rock chic style, the Breton, slogan tee is the perfect balancer for the ripped jeans (technically a rule breaker for a pear!). The accessories all have a element of edge to them, with the bold earrings, animal print and statement plimsoles.


Jeans, Topshop Jamie, £42.00
T-shirt, Hush, £25.00
Belt, Topshop, £14.00
Shoes, Asos, £149.00
Earrings, Warehouse, £10.00

Date night

The jumpsuit is one of our fav items of clothing, they are super versatile, stylish and the fitted wrap styles are particularly flattering on the waist. The biker adds cool edge to the floral print, and the accessories are understated and tonal.


Jumpsuit, New Look, £35.00
Biker jacket, Topshop, £55.00
Shoes, Topshop, £32.00
Hex studs, Wolf and Moon, £16.00
Cuff, Wolf and Moon, £32.00
Perfume, L’occitane, Neroli and Orchidee, prices vary


Work days

I’m most comfortable in dresses and skirts, as I feel the most ‘me’ in them, The cut of this dress is perfect for my rectangular shape, as it creates a waist and the illusion of shape! (it should also be noted this dress looks fab on hourglasses and pears too). With a strappy dress like this I will either layer under or over. This cardi is perfect for adding some warmth and glam to a variety of outfits. I always prefer a heel too, not totally practical always, but work is my time when I’m not chasing through fields after my toddler so worth the slight discomfort. I love a clash, so these earrings are perfect, and the ring and necklace finish the look.


Dress, Warehouse, £52.00
Earrings, Zaar, £15.99
Necklace, Accessorize, £10.00
Initial Ring, Astrid and Miyu, £29.00
Leopard print cards, Zara, £19.99
Wedges, New Look, £25.99

Mummy days

I’m a mum to 2 ‘spirited’ boys and spend a large portion of time having to sprint after the 2 year old. I tend to go for a trouser over a jean, these khaki slacks are ideal, I’ll wear a jumper or tee tucked in, funky plimsoles which for now the boys view as cool, sure that will change soon! I still like to accessorise with pretty earrings and bangles, and carry a variety of snacks and lotions in the backpack.


Trousers, H&M, £24.99
Rainbow trainers, Zara, £29.99
Jumper, Warehouse, £35.00
Earrings, Aldo, £25.00
Backpack, Gap, (old, similar styles available @ £25.00)

Date night

I can sneak the heel back in here for going out, and tend to go with a short skirt and get the legs out! The simple tee will always be tucked in to create some definition, and I’ll wear a statement necklace with a pop of colour. Euphoria is my go to scent, I’ve worn it for about 15 years!


Skirt, River Island, £35.00
Top, Oasis, £23.00
Necklace, Topshop, £16.50
Perfume, Euphoria, varies
Shoes, Office, £52.00

The Secret To Looking Effortless

When I meet my clients, they tell me that they want to look stylish but not like they have tried too hard. This makes complete sense to me, as the #goal is to look like you have just thrown something on and it’s a part of your style.

This is possible, and I would say I have got to a stage where I feel my look is effortless. I don’t stand in front of my wardrobe staring at different options, or trying loads on and asking my Instagram followers “which one?”. I just put it on, go with it and own it.

Here are a few little tips that have helped me get to a point where style can be effortless. There’s nothing worse than looking like you have tried too hard, or you look totally uncomfortable in your outfit.

TIP 1 – Plan from the shoes up.

This tip has revolutionised my clients’ way of thinking, and it’s the easiest way to plan your outfit. So many women put together their outfit, and then get to the shoes and think “argh”, which ones?! They then realise their shoes don’t go with their outfit, so the clothes are taken off angrily and the stress begins of planning the next outfit…and they were already running late anyway.

I look at what the weather is doing, and what I am doing that day. If I am having a Mum day at the weekend, where we are possibly going to get a bit muddy, I will think “Dr Marten boots”. From there, I decide what comes next, whether I want to go for skinny jeans, or tights and a dress. Once the shoes are decided, the rest is easy.

Or if I am personal shopping, I will choose a trainer. If I go for a chunky white trainer, it means I can afford to go for something a bit funky on my bottom half as my shoes will balance out my bum and hips.

Planning your outfit from the feet up will be a real game changer, and will make your mornings so much easier.

TIP 2 – Comfort.

As much as I would love to rock a pair of heels, like my colleague, Sarah Lilly – I just can’t wear them for long! As a tall girl, I am quite heavy, so carrying weight around on a heel is very hard work! This is why I live in shoes that feel comfortable. Sarah feels herself in a pair of heels, and they work for her because she can still fly around like Carrie Bradshaw, feeling comfortable.

If you are feeling comfortable then you will look comfortable. This doesn’t just go for shoes. Are you wearing a short skirt that you will spend all day pulling down? A new necklace that you can’t stop fiddling with? Go for style that feels comfortable. I always say to clients that you shouldn’t be aware of what you are wearing. Your clothes should feel like your second skin and you shouldn’t have to tug at them all day through feeling self conscious.

Feeling comfortable in your clothing means that you forget you are wearing a bright pattern or necklace, until someone compliments you. Quite often someone will say they like my earrings, and I will have forgotten which ones they are! If your outfit feels like your second skin and you can run, laugh and wave in it, then you will look happy, carefree and confident…not to mention, effortless.

TIP 3 – Own it.

It’s the big day. You have decided to wear those patterned trousers on the school run. Your heart beats faster as you approach the playground, and you start tucking your hair nervously behind your ear. STOP!!!! Own it! Pretend you have been wearing these trousers for 5 centuries and it’s totes normal!!!

You will draw attention to yourself with your nervous shuffling and hair tucking, so just strut through that playground, and when your friend says “ooh nice trousers”, you say “oh these?” and smile coquettishly like Marilyn Monroe.

TIP 4 – Dress like you.

Just because your friend looks great in a headband and statement earrings, doesn’t mean to say that style will work for you. It’s good not to clone anyone and to be you all the way!

One of my friends is a real girlie girl and looks awesome in pastel colours, floral pretty prints and feminine styles. If I tried to recreate that, I would look like Dame Judi Dench, and therefore, feel uncomfortable. The same as, if she wore Dr Marten boots, fishnets and camo trousers, she would look completely unrecognisable (in a bad way).

So find what works for you. Are you a girlie girl who looks great in Oasis style prints and patterns? Or do you prefer a classic Parisian look with bretons, blazers and white jeans? Dress like you and you will look like you…not a poor imitation. There’s nothing better than individuality, creativity and personality. Work it girlfriend.

TIP 5 – Break the seal.

The first time you wear something new and scary (for me it was dungarees and my camo trousers), make sure you are seeing someone supportive and loving.

So when I wore my trousers, I was seeing my Mum and sister at Hever Castle for lunch. I arrived feeling like every single woman, man, duck, swan and Tudor were looking at my trousers, but I soon got over it and realised no one gives a shit about what anyone else is wearing!!! I had an amazing day, and it meant when I wore them yesterday, I forgot I was even wearing them.

If I had worn them somewhere I was likely to get a negative comment, then I may never have worn them again. So break the seal with appropriate people, and the second time you wear it, you will look so effortless, stylish and carefree.


Don’t you HATE that first time you put on swimwear? It’s like your winter clothes had previously been holding all that wiggle and jiggle in place, and it feels like your thighs and bottom have a mind of their own, as you awkwardly walk towards the pool/sea/jacuzzi full of middle aged men on their golf weekend spa break….don’t…make….eye…contact.

I also have the unfortunate disadvantage of being tall, so most of the time, your average swimsuit is too short for me, and is eaten by my hungry pear shaped bottom!

I don’t think many women feel confident in a swimsuit, so it’s important that you feel supported in a flattering piece for your body shape.

Don’t automatically reach for the tankini. These can be very unflattering as the boxy shapes do nothing for the female form. In fact, my old tankini was referred to as my “wrestling suit” by my lovely husband…So to avoid looking like Hulk Hogan, you may be better choosing a swimsuit, or a high waisted bikini.


I will try to cover as many bases as possible with this blog, but I have just had a set of acrylic nails applied, so my typing is slow and I need to get to Sainsburys before school pick up, so let’s see how we go….


I’m talking to hourglasses, strawberries and apples here, so pears and rectangles, you can go and make a cuppa at this point.

The first rule of swimsuit club is that we don’t talk about swimsuit club. Oh no, wait, that’s Fight Club. So the first rule of swimsuits for curvy ladies, is PATTERN. It’s flattering, it’s chic and stylish. The bigger the pattern, the better. A small polka dot will be lost on your curves, so we need some big old florals to make your sexy bod look hot in your swimwear.

Tummy control is always good too, as is a bright colour. A black swimming costume can be a bit depressing on a hot beach, so go for a nice bright colour, with a big pair of sunnies and a bright lipstick. Hell, if you’re really going for it, add statement earrings and a mojito.

Underwired bikini tops work brilliantly for all you busty babes, and you can’t beat illusion style swimsuits for flattering curves. An illusion style, is where the sides of the swimsuit are panelled in black, to narrow the body.

Halternecks are great for fuller busts or broad shoulders as they break up the top half. If you’re narrower on your bottom, likea Strawberry, then look for ruffles on the bum, hips, or even swimdresses.

Simply Be are GREAT for swimwear, particularly if you have a generous cup size.

Top row: Debenhams.

Middle row: Next, Simply Be, Simply Be

Bottom row: Simply Be.

download (5)download (2)546-709s2o02ty010500do02ty309500wo02ty083500wo02ty243500d


You don’t even have to be tall, you might just be long in the body. I am both, and it’s a pain in the bum!

Check out Long Tall Sally for their swimwear. It’s beautifully generous in length, and your bottom will never go hungry again.

img (1)img


Ruffles on top, not ruffles on the bum, please ladies! Keep those eyes on the prize (ie, your top half) and try not to go for anything too fussy on the bum. Tankinis are particularly bad for us pears, as they really square off that bottom, creating a lovely muffin and thigh spillage too.

Go for high leg bikini bottoms, swimsuits with plenty of pattern, or anything with detail up top.

Both swimsuits from Debenhams.

download (3)download (4)


It’s important not to make your shape look boyish, so we need lots of detail here. Pattern, ruffles, interesting straps, fairy lights and bunting! Keep your prints and patterns on the smaller side, and if you want to add bulk to the bust, choose a padded bikini top to add shape.

Both swimsuits from Next.


Start the preparation now. Look after your body. Don’t crash diet or punish yourself in ANY way. Drink lots of water, get that skin looking amazing for summer, with regular body scrubs, moisturisers, and adding a nice tinted moisturiser (my fave is Dove).

Never underestimate the power of a great cover up, such as a kaftan, beach dress or jumpsuit. Ditch the manky old sarong!

Get yourself some glam sunglasses, bright lippy, a fabulous beach bag and a great manicure/pedicure.

Looking good on the beach has nothing to do with your size, weight or shape. It’s confidence, a smile and a fabulous outfit.


Maternity Wear

I went shopping with a client yesterday who is 12 weeks pregnant with her third baby. She had booked the shopping trip a while ago, and now her specificiations had changed! She needed an effective capsule wardrobe to get her though pregnancy and beyond. It also had to work for a summer holiday abroad she has in June.

We did really well and came away with SO many items that made her feel and look amazing! Interestingly enough, none of the items were from maternity ranges.

When I was pregnant with my son, I bought a couple of maternity items, but found they didn’t make me feel stylish and they also didn’t last too long. I felt the price was hiked up because they were maternity wear, and I ended up finding some gems elsewhere that worked even better.


The key is to try and veer towards fabrics that will grow and stretch in pregnancy, and will also feel comfortable in those first few months when baby is here.

Jersey is the best fabric for this reason, and it also makes you feel nicely supported and held in. Pregnancy is the one time in a woman’s life that we don’t mind showing off our tummies, so jersey is great for accentuating a beautiful bump.

Chiffon also works well because it falls and drapes and can be really comfortable when the weather gets warm, and jersey feels too hot against our skin.


You can’t go wrong with a Dorothy Perkins skater dress. You can usually pick one up for under £20 and they are so comfy and flattering. They come in a variety of fabrics and sleeve lengths, and they work in summer with flip flops or flat white plimsolls, or in winter with black tights and boots.

This is the perfect dress to take you seamlessly from one season into the next, while feeling comfortable, stylish and not breaking the bank either.


Embrace the harem trouser! Harem trousers are so chic, and they are a bit of a man repeller because they automatically assume you’re in your pyjamas! But they work so well when you’re pregnant and beyond.

Harem trousers look great balanced out with a chunky shoe, such as a white plimsoll, and they will grow with your bum and make you feel nicely supported with the elasticated waist.

You can smarten up a harem trouser for work, particularly a navy blue jogger style.

Wear your harem trousers with a vest top or tee, a denim jacket or a biker jacket. Add a long necklace or a layered, multirow necklace for a chic, boho, effortless look.

Primark is a fab shop for harem trousers, either plain or patterned ones. Alternatively, Next are great for harems (all pictured are Next).

Navy Jogger Detail TrousersJersey JoggersGrey Tencel® Joggers (597990) | £36


A kimono looks great in summertime, or winter, and is a light cover up, that will make you look elegant, chic and they’re cooler than a cardigan!

Kimonos look great with shorts in summer, or skinny jeans in winter. Don’t be afraid to try long, maxi kimonos. They work on short ladies, as well as tall ladies, and they are so beautifully feminine.

You can pick up a kimono anywhere, from Primark, to Debenhams, to ASOS (below).

ASOS DESIGN KimonoBoohoo Floral Print Kimono


If there’s one thing we need in pregnancy, it’s a comfy pair of shoes. I don’t know about any of you, but I was SO clumsy when I was pregnant. One time I fell flat on my face in Borough Market when I was walking on the cobbles in a silly pair of ballet flats. This was obviously a long time ago!

One shoe that looks chic with ANY outfit (even a smart pair of black trousers) is a solid white trainer. The thicker the sole, the better. Choose either a white plimsoll, white chunky soled baseball trainer, or invest in some Nikes to really up the style stakes.

L-R: Next, Next, Footlocker (Nike Airforce)

White Slip-On Skater Shoes     White Signature Leather Lace-up TrainersNike Air Force 1 07 SE - Women Shoes (AA0287-102)


Choose cotton or chiffon which will grow with your bump, and also allow for warmer summer days and on holidays.

Next have a great collection of v-neck tees this season, which fall and drape beautifully. The v-neck style will work well as your boobs become fuller and your bump grows.

They would look great with the harems, kimonos and trainers above, and be a fab basic to have in your wardrobe in a variety of colours. The v-neck style would also be handy for feeding, if you are fortunate enough to be able to breastfeed when baby comes.

White V-Neck TopPeach Ruched Side TopKhaki V-Neck Top


You don’t have to fork out on maternity clothes, when you can find so many fabulous, stylish options on the high street. Maternity ranges can be so limited and hard to find, so enjoy searching for some new styles, following the rough guidelines above.

When baby comes and you have sick on your skater dress, just sling on a biker jacket (wipe clean!), a pair of tights and boots, and you’ll go from feeling slummy to yummy.

I wish you a beautiful, relaxing pregnancy and a safe, happy delivery xxx


Bumbag Moment

Before we get going, I just want to (smugly) say that I was way ahead of the bumbag trend last summer! If you have followed me for a while, you will remember my beautiful sequinned bumbag that I wore all summer.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, shorts and selfieImage may contain: one or more people, people standing, ocean, sky, cloud, beach, shorts, outdoor, nature and water

In fact, from that bumbag, came the term “Bumbag Moment”. This describes a moment when you wear something COMPLETELY out of your comfort zone, even though you love it!

The bumbag received mixed reviews and comments, but overall I loved it. More than anything, it was hugely practical, both during personal shopping trips, and during the summer holidays with my son. Luckily my son is at an age where all I need is a little rucksack for a picnic, wallet and suncream, which meant I could use my bumbag for cash, car keys and my phone.

They are really practical little things, and if you can get past the whole tourist thing, you might enjoy wearing one.

The bumbag is one of the most Marmite items I have ever come across as a stylist. People either like them, or they literally HATE them. So if you are going to wear one, wear with pride and f*ck what anyone else thinks, am I right? 😉

The good news is, that you will be seeing more of them this summer, as they are HUGE news for Summer fashion 2018. So much so that the swanky bloggers are all writing about them, and even Gucci have jumped on the bandwagon. And when Gucci says something is cool, then the fashionistas follow.

So here is my pick of my favourite bumbags.

The “Not A Bumbag” Bumbag:

This little item is great if you’re not ready to fully embrace that fanny pack. You can get away with this looking like a cool little handbag, without declaring your bumbagness for all to see. It’s chic and slick which means it would be a great bag to wear on a nice daytrip to London or out in the evening for summer drinks.

ACCESSORIZE: Sorrento Multiway *ssssh* Bumbag – £22.00

The “I’m a Really Cool Fashionista” Bumbag

This is a little quilted bumbag that you could wear across your body too, if you don’t fancy strapping it round your tum. It’s a nod to Gucci, really chic and fantastic for city breaks (who am I kidding – WHO does a city break?!). I mean…perfect for posh soft play.

ACCESSORIZE: Otto Multiway Bumbag – £22.00

The “I’m Going To A Kids’ Rave And I Want To Look Cool” Bumbag

This bumbag is loud and proud, and PERFECT for summer. Going away with the girls? Going to a festival? Going to CBeebies Land? Wherever you are hot footing it, this bumbag is fun, will look great with some funky sunnies and an e-number filled ice cream of your choice.

ACCESSORIZE: Mirror Tassel Bag – £25.00

The “I Need To Shave My Muff” Bumbag

I wouldn’t advise anyone to go for this bumbag, unless you want to be endlessly mocked, be stared at, and IMAGINE  it after a downpour! Not for the fainthearted.

TOPSHOP: Frizzie Marabou Bumbag – £25.00

The “Pop Of Colour” Bumbag

Aaah back to normality. This is a beauty of a bumbag. A lovely flash of colour that will make the most boring of jeans outfits look hip and funky this summer. Perfect for all occasions and you can wear it across body too.

TOPSHOP: Queenie Quilted Bumbag – £22.00

The “Night Out” Bumbag

Don’t want to dance around your handbag? Fed up of that clutch in your right hand? Well step forward, this bargain bumbag which will allow you to do the YMCA liberally, while keeping your belongings secure. Big enough for your credit card, cash, lipstick and mobile phone.

ASOS Flat Monogram Bum Bag

ASOS: Flat Monogram Bumbag – £10.00

The “Travelling Around Thailand” Bumbag

Going on a yoga retreat? Having a little “finding yourself” trip? If so, I can’t be your friend as I’m too jealous, but step forward YOUR perfect bumbag. Casual, great with shorts, a nice boho print and a colour to match that hand luggage wardrobe. Go Eat, Pray Love, with your beauty of a bumbag.

ACCESSORIZE: Bondi Geo Bumbag – £25.00

The “Gucci” Bumbag

As I said above, when Gucci do it, the fashion world follows. This is a neat little bumbag, a colour that goes with everything, and a price that will make you wince.

GUCCI – “GG Marmont Quilted Belt Bag” – £765.00

The “More Money Than Sense” Bumbag

If you have the cash to splash on fun fashions, then go for it! Or maybe you want to invest in a posh bumbag for when you travel with work and need your hands free for your wheelie suitcase and champagne.

PRADA : Cahier Textured Belt Bag – £1,180.00


Hair Trends for 2018

Today, we welcome guest blogger, Fiona McIntyre. Fiona is a freelance hairdresser as well as Susie’s hairdresser! Fiona keeps herself up to date with the latest trends, styles and techniques, and is a wealth of knowledge about the industry.

We asked Fiona to write a blog, telling us what hairstyles and trends will be hot for 2018.



2017 saw the sale of tongs, heated rollers and waves soar, with celebs everywhere sporting undone, messy beach waves. In 2018 it’s time to up the ante and get those curls even bigger and better. Curly girls, this is your year.

(Note from Susie: Fiona recommends the Babyliss Curl Secret styler for beginners, if you’re not used to adding curls using GHD’s. It can be fiddly from the back, but a great place to start if you need a simple way to curl your hair. Otherwise, Fiona thinks that GHD’s rather than curling wands, are best for adding curls to straight hair).

Fiona’s perfect product- GHD Heat Protect Spray.


With fashion still making a huge reference to all things 90’s, like it or not, the SCRUNCHIE is back!

I personally loved these back in the day and now I’m conscious of how much less breakage they cause to hair in a high ponytail!

They’re great for the gym too!

Fiona’s perfect product- The best scrunchies can be found in Topshop, Primark and Claire’s Accessories.



Forget your toner and purple shampoo obsession, the icy clean Elsa-from-Frozen blonde is over.

This coming Spring and Summer is all about darker unkempt roots with a warmer, more natural blonde a la Emma Roberts. (Perfect for when you don’t have time to get your roots done!!!)

Fiona’s perfect product- Bleach London Smoky Shampoo.



2018’s take on the braiding trend of recent seasons, this look is all about the ‘schoolgirl’ plait.

Reminiscent of the ones your mum would do before school that would end up a much messier version by home time, keep these loose and chunky, don’t worry about bits ‘hanging out’, that’s what makes the look.

Fiona’s perfect product- L’Oreal Elnett Natural Hold.



Once again harking back to the 90s, don’t think of the bob as neat, structured and polished as it has been in recent years, this is very much an edgy, rock n roll, not-too-tamed look (perfect for those with little time for styling).

Scruff it up with some salt spray and keep the fringe eye-skimming and not too perfectly straight.

Fiona’s perfect product- Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray


Blog post written by Fiona McIntyre. Visit Fiona’s website to book your hair appointment. Or visit Facebook



Staying Stylish in Winter

As much as I love a biker jacket, suede ankle boots and a dress with black tights, sometimes the weather thinks otherwise!

Rather than have you freeze, I thought I would write a blog about how to stay stylish and warm when the weather is raining or snowing.

I absolutely hate snow and ice. I love it at the weekends, but driving on it, or worse, WALKING on it is horrible! I hate that feeling of slipping and sliding, so I am always on the look out for great footwear that makes me feel safe, yet cosy in these conditions.

Also, since my son started in Year 1, I found myself standing in the bigger playground with no shelter. Gone were the lovely, nurturing days of Reception where we had our own little playground to stand in, under a nice shelter. Now we are out in the elements, impatiently waiting for the bell to ring!

So this leads to the question….What the hell to wear in such conditions?


When the suede boots and plimsolls just don’t cut it – reach for the snow boot. It’s great for gripping onto snow (obviously, durrrr) and will keep your feet nice and snuggly when you’re walking to the train station or to the school gates. They don’t look like typical walking boots either, with the trendy herringbone check. Worn with skinny jeans they will still look stylish for public wear!

They can range in price, but I have these ones by Zakti which were only £40.


Zakti Women’s Snow Angel Boots – £39.99


I remember walking out of Office shoes last year thinking “Oh my God, I have never spent so much on a pair of boots”. DM’s aren’t cheap, but if you’re tempted, I can guarantee you that they will give you some serious mileage. I wear mine every other day during the winter, and they are worth every penny. You need thick socks with them, but if you need something that grips, is waterproof and hard wearing, the DM is your friend. They are horrible to wear in as they rub on the ankles, but once you’ve got through it, they are worth the initial pain!


Dr Martens – £95.00


When it’s not raining or snowing, but you want cosy feet, M&S have come up trumps with these lovely, furry boots. They will keep your feet nice and toasty and they look really stylish too. They also come in black which would look cute with some black tights and a dress too!


M&S Collection, Suede Side Zip Boots – £65.00


I also love a good welly boot! Since having my son, I have one calf that is bigger than the other, so my hubby has a laugh always yanking my right welly off my leg when it gets stuck! Apart from that humiliation, they are so handy, and great for trips to the farm when you need to keep more of your leg covered. It’s essential to wear them with nice cosy socks though as they are waterproof, but not warm. Did I mention these were leopard print?!


Matalan Leopard Print Wellies – £15.00


I do love a winter hat, and a lot of ladies feel silly in hats. You shouldn’t because they suit all of you!

If you have a small head, or small features, go for something not too oversized or you’ll look like Puss in Boots. If you’re like me and you have a head so big that it doesn’t fit mens’ hats, then go for something big that will work with your proportions.

A fedora looks great, but as this blog is about being practical, let’s talk about warm ones.

Firstly, try ear muffs!


I get teased (usually by blokes) when I wear them, but I have the last laugh when my ears are toasty warm and singing with joy. I get really cold ears, and nothing makes me more miserable than a howling wind on my lug holes. If you don’t like hat hair, or you struggle with hats, go for an ear muff instead.

Word of warning with hats and ear muffs – never go for one that is the same colour as your hair, or you will look like Princess Leia from a distance.


Accessorize Ear Muffs – £15.00


Debenhams have a glorious selection of winter hats – nice and cosy and in a variety of colours. If you are worried about what you’ll look like, then get over yourself and remember a cold head will thank you when it’s tucked up in a warm brightly coloured hat.

Oh, and if I ever see you wearing a hat with ears….I will have to hit you with a wet fish!


Both hats from Debenhams and both £13.00.


If you want a cross between a hat and ear muffs, go for a head band. they look fab, particularly if you have either really long hair or a pixie cut. On my mid bob length, I look like David Ginola.

7971057-1-black Headband – £4.00


Not just for your Grandpa, these babies come in real handy. You can pop them under any outfit, even a dress, and you can stay smugly warm all day. They’re also good if you sweat as they dry that bitch up fast! A roll neck thermal could even be worn under a shift dress if you feel the cold and you need something nice for work.


Mountain Warehouse (never thought I would use them on a style blog) Talus Long Sleeved Thermal – £9.00


I know that you can get these gloves now that allow you to text and use your phone, but as a self confessed phone addict, even that’s a step too far for me. I like a good mitten because it forces me to not use my phone and enjoy the zen of life while my hands stay warm. These are my actual mittens and I can say they are so blooming snuggly it’s untrue.


New Look Faux Shearling Mittens – £5.00

If you do want to text your friends while you’re slip sliding on the snow, then be my guest, but I take no responsibility, despite recommending these Aldo gloves. “These gloves are made for texting” as Nancy Sinatra once sang.


Aldo “Adeanna” Gloves – £7.98


A scarf is a no brainer when it’s cold, but if you’re asthmatic like me, the cold is bad news for us. So I try to always keep a scarf on me to breathe through. When it’s cold, don’t bother with the pretty scarves and go FULL on warmth, cable knit, Werthers Original style comfort.


Zara – £25.00

This is the most SHHHHNUGGLY scarf I have ever worn, and it’s warmer than it looks online. Worth every penny, Mr Bonas.


Oliver Bonas – £28.00


I’m getting hungry for my lunch now, so I’m not going to do a full on body shape guide for coats. But what I will say, is that sometimes comfort has to come into play. Don’t worry, even I have a duvet coat that keeps me warm and dry.

This is my one. I did try a SuperDry one the year before, which was lovely in the rain, but not very warm and the millions of zips used to give me chronic stress.

With a waterproof, warm coat, you get what you pay for, and that’s where the outdoor shops come in handy. When I go in them I always want to do outdoorsy things, get a mountain bike and buy the astronaut style camping food. And then I remember what a princess I am and walk out laughing to myself.


Jack Wolfskin “Selenium Bay Down Jacket” – £75.00

Blog written by Susie Hasler, managing director & stylist at Styled By Susie.


Trend Report: Spring/Summer 2018

Hey girls, it’s Sarah here, bringing you my trend report for next spring/summer.

It’s almost crazy to skip past the impending winter and Christmas season to next spring, but while we’re all just getting to grips with winter coats, layering and boots again, the designers have long since moved on and have been busy showcasing all the fabulous looks for 2018.

Below you can see some of the trends, my opinions on what I think will be big next year on the high street and pieces to stock up on now that are going to bridge the gap between seasons:

Pattern Clash

So in the high street shops at the moment we are seeing lots of variations of tweeds, tartans and herringbones, this continues into next season with a update of clashing materials and patterns to create some really bold and exciting looks.
The great thing about this trend is that it’s something we can all do and go as big or as demure as we like. Clashing pieces together is a great way to put your own stamp on an outfit and create something unique. A great place to start is popping a geometric print against a floral. Try layering a pretty blouse under a funky printed strappy dress, pull the whole outfit in at the waist and you’llhave a really fun, interesting and practical (let’s not forget what an English springtime is like!) outfit that is completely original to you.


Trench coats

The trench is going to be appearing in lots of different guises over the coming months, and this coat shape works beautifully across all body shapes, as it gives the waist a little definition and is a great addition to the spring time wardrobe. Some of the adaptions include placement prints, fabric combinations of satin and heavy cottons and more utilitarian pieces in khaki (great for the Autumns among you!).



I am personally thrilled that this trend is hanging around, there is something beautifully feminine about a ruffle, with a really fun and flamboyant edge.

Much like the clashing trend, ruffles can really be as daring as you like, you can go all out flamingo dancer, or just have a perfectly placed couple on your skirt – the fabrics are a mix of soft draping sheers to more tutu-esque nettings – a great opportunity to clash with an opposing fabric and create a really edgy look.


Details and pockets

This trend is broad and encompasses details from multi placement embellishments to pockets (we do love a pocket!). My absolute favourite has to be this oversized boyfriend jumper with zip detailing and jewel encrusted brooches and embroideries, just the most gorgeous statement, and something again that can be recreated by you to reflect your style and personality.

Elsewhere look for the use of multiple pockets, layered tonal belts and quirky zip, cuff and collar details.



This one is fab, geometric is a great way of adding pattern and excitement to your outfit without the use of a single lily or rose. I love the mix of zig zag pastels, bold blasts of blocks like the below pullover (side note – this is also a trend, yep, you read right: the pullover is back), and the what I can only describe as safari style print (i think giraffe print when i look at this), which also looks like a quirky 70’s wallpaper in the
mauve shirt.


I have fallen in love with this designer. I adore the quirky parquet flooring style leather mini (no surprises the mini skirt turned my head!). I love the geometric prints, and how they use the black print onto pretty pastel pink which gives a wonderful 80’s feel, but in a grown up and sleek way. Above all, i love this brand for creating beautiful pieces that you could unashamedly wear duringthe day, whilst looking tailored and gorgeously feminine.



Blog written by Sarah Lilly, stylist at Styled By Susie.



Winter Coats – by Sarah Lilly

Hi everyone – this is my first blog post, and thought I would start with a subject that we have been asked a lot about recently.

Now we’re heading into proper autumn territory, for a lot of us the search begins for the perfect winter coat.

This season we’re seeing lots of bold colours, feature collars and generally fun pieces that can really finish off an outfit.

We’ve pulled out some styles for each body shape at different price points so there’s something for everybody!

Pear shaped ladies

As a pear, you can really have fun with coats and jackets. Go for detail, it could be an oversized collar, beautiful embellishment or a bold statement colour. Aim to get lengths that sit on and show off your lovely little waist:

L-R: New look £35.00                  M&S £59.00            Anthropologie £168.00

Strawberry shaped ladies

As a strawberry, you can emphasise your slim waist and hips with a beautiful belted coat, details around the waist like buttons and pockets and long lined jackets. Go for classic shapes without too much fuss or detailing up by the shoulders so the eye is drawn to your waist and hips.

L-R: George £28.00     Zara £89.99       M&S £99.00

Rectangle shaped ladies

The key is to add details! Go for Chanel-esq jackets – these look lovely over little dresses for a smart style, or can be worn more casually over jeans and a tee-shirt for a chic look. Alternatively a highly embellished and patterned number is great, or for something more classic, the white stuff red wool coat with funnel neck and waist shaping is a fab choice.

L-R: TU £25.00     Zara £95.99       White Stuff £110.00

Apple shaped ladies

Go for a structured style and have fun with colour and designs. A V shaped neckline will flatter the bust and elongate. Look for details like pockets or buttons to add interest and go for a longer length that will skim over the waist and hips.

L-R: George £35.00    Warehouse £89.00    Zara £119.00

Hourglass shaped ladies

Go for styles that draw attention to your fab little waist! Anything belted is going to do this job beautifully. You can go for biker jackets, duster coats or more traditional belted trenches. If you have a fuller bust avoid the higher necklines as these will add bulk to you.

George £30.00. Topshop £69.00 Zara £95.99

Happy shopping ladies! x