Tis The Season…

Well hey there! It’s been a while hasn’t it? The great thing about delegation is that it frees me up a bit to do more blogs and hopefully more podcasts. I did wonder about doing a podcast today but I felt I had nothing to chat about (I must be coming down with something!).

So, instead, I have gone back to basics and I’m blogging (does anyone even blog anymore or is it just me?!)

I have had the best weekend. As you may have seen from social media, I took myself off for a weekend away and it was amazing. I am missing my little hotel room as I sit here typing, while my credit card cries about the room service bill I had to pay yesterday!

I was also very unpopular at breakfast yesterday morning. I ordered kippers, and in all fairness, at this point, the restaurant was empty. As they brought out my smelly fish, a couple who were clearly on a romantic, sexual weekend away, sat behind me and I heard her ask the waitress for the vegan options. If you’re reading this, I apologise for stinking you out with my smoked kippers!

Anyway, now I have word vomited all over you and told you my weekend escapades, let’s get on with the show shall we?

So, it’s Christmas soon isn’t it. I wish I was one of those people I see on Facebook. You know the ones, who wear matching pyjamas, have their Christmas shopping done by November and have the neatest, tidiest Christmas tree, usually with a colour scheme.

Well, me that is NOT! I am disorganised, my tree looks like the inside of my brain (colourful, messy and chaotic) and I can’t even blame my child for decorating it badly, as it’s me that does it!

But one thing I do know how to do, my friends, is DRESS for Christmas, so I am going to share my wisdom with you all.

Now I am about to have a MAAAAAJE article come out in national press, on Christmas party dressing, so I can’t do a similar article on here I’m afraid. I’m doing the photoshoot for it next week so all will be revealed.

In the meantime, let’s talk what to wear on the day itself.


There are two types of people on Christmas Day. You have Type A (let’s call her Barbara) who goes for the Christmas jumper, flashing earrings, reindeer horns and greets you at the door with a mulled wine (you are my kind of lady…).

You then have Type B (let’s call her Sarah Lilly…cough…I mean Margaret). Type B decides to dress up on Christmas Day. She wears a sparkly dress, bold makeup and heels which she kicks off the minute she enters the house.

Let’s see if we can merge Barbara with Margaret this year, and come up with a comfortable yet stylish look for you to rock on Christmas Day.

Let’s call this winning combination, “Barbaret”.


You can get a Christmas jumper for every personality and this year I have got myself the most awesome Wonderwoman one.

Go to Merchoid online as they have so many fun Christmas jumpers. I cried trying to choose between whether I wanted to be Wonderwoman or John Snow on Christmas Day, but in the end Wonderwoman won. If you like quirky Christmas jumpers, head there! Alternatively, Primark have loads of great ones this year.


Don’t just pair your Christmas jumper with jeans – borrrrrrrrrrrring! – they deserve so much more than that!

Try wearing your Christmas jumper (like this one from Matalan) with coated jeans or leggings. The beauty of a coated legging is that it’s stretchy and won’t make you bloat after Christmas lunch.

Alternatively, go for the coated biker jeans from Next which have been a winner for my clients this season. Add a biker boot like these from New Look, and you can easily go for a nice walk in this outfit after Christmas lunch.

If your Christmas jumper is a more fitted fit (now you know why my PR lady checks my grammar on articles) then try popping over the top of a dress (like this sequin tee dress from Next).

This gives you the best of both worlds because you can be all Christmassey and festive during the day, and then when you are feeling a bit cheeky (hate that word) and full of booze, you can whip it off to be more evening appropriate for Cards Against Humanity.


Some people just don’t do the Christmas jumper thing. No judgement, we are all friends here. Christmas jumpers can be very hot and uncomfortable for many!

How about adding sparkle in other ways? If you are a more of a Margaret, you could go for dressy wear, but add some festive accessories this year. If you don’t like Christmas jumpers, it’s highly likely that you won’t want to wear brussel sprout earrings, so instead, why not try dressing up a little black dress or jumpsuit with some accessories?

You can go for something really blingy and sparkly, like these statement necklaces from Accessorize….

Alternatively, if you have in laws that you’re not keen on, wear this necklace (from Sour Cherry) with your outfit, over lunch!


Sour Cherry are really good fun for costume jewellery pieces, and if you like Tatty Devine (did someone say EXPENSIVE?!) then you will love them because they’re similar and cheaper too.


It’s important to feel comfortable on Christmas Day. I remember making the mistake of wearing a thick, waist cinching belt (circa Girls Aloud “Biology”) and I regretted it, the minute I had annihilated my first tube of Pringles at 10am.


I love a high waisted jean but Christmas Day is probably not the best day to do this to yourself. Instead, look for dresses that you can wear with big, massive tights or even a jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits are one of the comfiest items of clothing you could ever own, and if they frighten you, just think that it’s literally just a top and trousers that have been sewn together (don’t try this at home kids, it won’t look good).

You can wear your jumpsuit with trainers, it’ll be forgiving for the mid afternoon bloat and you will have plenty of relatives around to help you out of it when you’re 5 sherries down (your poor uncle will never look at you in the same way).

These two jumpsuits are from Next and will give you mucho longevity next season when you can frolic around in springtime meadows in them.

I am going to finish off by telling you to chill the hell out this Christmas. I had a long walk with my best friend recently and we were chatting about the pressure we feel about Christmas.

Trying to book “the best” Father Christmas is like getting effing Glastonbury tickets and you have to do it in July. Don’t do Elf On The Shelf if it’s going to take away your sanity, don’t make a Christmas Eve box if you have too much shit to do, don’t worry about booking the best Father Christmas – your kids will probably cry anyway!

My memories of Christmas years ago, aren’t the material things. My memories are board games, fun conversations, Christmas Day walks, paperchains that gave you tongue papercuts when you had to lick them and singing Christmas carols at school.

Just enjoy it, do the things you want to do, not the things social media tells you to do.

And if you want a laugh, think about me when I was a teenager. There was a knock on my door one afternoon and one of the boys who bullied me at school, was standing there singing Christmas carols to earn money. It was too late for him to change his mind though and we both had to stand there for 3 painful minutes while he sang Jingle Bells to me.

Happy Christmas Barbarets! 😉

These boots were made for walkin’….

You’ve all been screaming at me to blog about boots since August, but there are 3 reasons I have put off doing so until now.

  1. August is summertime and I am a summer girl through and through. I don’t wear boots until it’s absolutely necessary as I believe the winter is TOO GOD DARN LONG, so we should prolong winter wear for as long as possible.
  2. I had to wait for the boots to actually come into the shops. It’s been a slow burner this season, but I can safely say that it’s well and truly boots season in the shops now.
  3. Let the girl have a holiday, purleeeeease!

I made the mistake of asking on Instagram the other day, “does anyone have any questions about boots they’d like me to answer in a blog?”. The response was like the scene in Bruce Almighty when Jim Carey converts all the prayers to emails and he spends all night speed typing ha ha!!

The Life Of A Marketer In 21 GIFs

So I am going to cover as much as possible. So don’t whinge at me cos I am a people pleaser and you will keep me awake at night wondering how you will survive without the boots for your specific shape! There’s literally thousands of you now, so I have broken down the most commonly asked questions….

  1. What boots should I wear for my cankles?

Now I don’t like using the term cankles because it’s a negative, but seeing as SO many of you used this word, I thought I would use it as the headline.

Not sure what a cankle is? A cankle is apparently where there is no definition between the calf and the ankle.

So what do we do about cankles? We look for boots that have a gap around the leg. This rule goes for slimming any part of the body you don’t like. Shorts with a gap between the leg or t-shirt sleeves with a gap are going to be much more flattering than something closely fitted.

You should ideally look for slip on boots, such as Chelsea boots. A laced up hiker boot is going to be less flattering as it will lace too closely to the leg.

You could go for Dr Marten’s but ensure you leave a couple of eyelets unlaced to create a nice little gap.

It doesn’t have to be a huge gap – just enough that we see some separation between the leg and the boot.

These boots would be good for cankles….

Carousel Image 0


New Look

New Look

River Island

2) But Susie I love knee high boots? Do I have to walk around in bare feet this winter?

Listen, my advice is exactly that. Advice. It’s advice based upon an extensive qualification in styling, as well as 7 years of working with thousands of women. Don’t like it? Don’t take it 🙂

If you love your knee high boots, keep wearing them if they make you feel fabulous. You won’t set off any alarms and I won’t bungee jump into your house, Jason Bourne style, to rip them off you.

The Bourne Collection Pictures - Rotten Tomatoes

If an item of clothing (whatever it is) makes you feel confident then carry on wearing it.

The thing with knee high boots, is that they can look a bit dated (don’t shoot me) but if you like a classic look, you can keep them. They can also shorten the legs and make them look bigger.

That being said, there are clients who absolutely NAIL a classic style and wouldn’t look right in ankle boots. I have helped them choose knee high boots during a personal shop because it’s been right for them and their shape.

Knee high boots can work if you have skinny legs and ankles but try to ensure they have some kind of heel so you don’t look like you’re off to ride Black Beauty.

3) Do I tuck my skinny jeans into ankle boots? Or do I rest them on top? Help me, I am not sleeping I can’t decide what to do.

Chill out girl. You can do either. If I am wearing my Dr Marten’s I tend to tuck my skinny jeans in. If I am wearing a heeled boot or any other type of boot, I roll them up a bit and have them resting on top of the boot.

TOMS Toffee Suede Ella Booties • $119 • Groovys.com


It’s then inevitable that you will see your leg when you sit down, so you could go for a sexy little pop sock (never thought I would use those words together) or fishnet sock, depending on personal preference. Alternatively just go bare and show that lovely skin.

pin- @lillieataylor || insta- @lillieeataylorr

3) Can I wear boots with trousers or Mom jeans?

Yes but for the love of God, don’t do a flat boot with them! Make sure the boot has some kind of heel.

4) Can anyone wear Dr Marten’s?

They tend to work better if you have either curvy legs or you have a curvy frame overall.

They are a bitch to break in. I had actual blood on my heels the first time I wore them, and limped sadly to the school gate after a 3 hour personal shop. Once my feet recovered I could wear them again, and they are now soft as Utterly Butterly.

5) What do I wear for skinny ankles?

A chunky boot is no friend of the skinny ankle. Look, instead for zipped up boots, hiker boots or any style that is laced up. Topshop generally do great ankle boots that work well for clients with skinny ankles. Avoid Chelsea boots and Dr Marten’s.

These are all from Topshop and would work well…

Carousel Image 0Carousel Image 0Carousel Image 0

Western boots also work well. Try these from New Look…

6) How many pairs of boots do you need?

Well I am going to be getting my trusty Dr Marten’s out again (best investment ever) but I am also a lover of animal print boots. They jazz up any outfit, and animal print works as a great neutral that you can clash with any colour or print you’re wearing.

It’s worth having two pairs of boots – one casual pair that you can muck around in, with jeans, and another dressier pair that could work for evenings or work.

I have been to see clients who have 5 or 6 pairs of boots, which isn’t necessary. How many feet do you have?

7) Where do I shop for wide fitting styles?

Sooooo many shops have wide fitting options. So much so, I struggle to find shoes for my narrow, banana feet. Check out New Look, Next, Clark’s, Evans, Yours Clothing, Marks & Spencer, Simply Be and Dorothy Perkins.

So there you go ladies. Go forth and buy the boots. Have fun with it, don’t get hung up on it! Let me know what you end up buying!



Gorgeous and Curvy? How to navigate the highstreet brands by Sarah Lilly

One of the biggest pleasures of my job is I get to work with women of all shapes and sizes. The highstreet can be overwhelming and some times intimidating to navigate. We’re all guilty of writing off a brand based on ‘oh they’re too young for me’, ‘too expensive’ , ‘too girly’, but what if we’re writing them off because we’re too scared the brand wont go up to our size? Sound familiar? Not a very pleasant way to shop, is it? I’m here to guide you through some places to go, what to look for and best buys on the highstreet right now. Some you may know, some may surprise you!

New Look: Sizes 18-32. Best for ‘Edgy’, ‘Girl Next Door with Edge’ and ‘Boho’.

Although not in every store, New Look Curves is stocked widely, and ranges are listed online in Store Finder to help you find your closest. This is the place to head for edgy and cool pieces, with this season’s offering being full of boilersuits, slogan tees, camo jackets and acid wash denim.

New Look also stock a great range of shoes that go up to a size 9 and come in wide fittings. 

John Lewis: Please note brands may vary from store to store –

Max Studio: Sizes 18-24. Best for ‘Edgy’.

Hands down my favourite of the curvy ranges, Max Studio have the best range of high-end, good quality pieces ranging from fabulous wide legged culottes to team with blouses, loafers and blazers for chic corporate looks, or with a slogan tee and biker jacket for an edgy daytime vibe. 

Kin: Up to size 20* . Best for ‘Parisian’.

Kin is in a nutshell, achingly cool! Beautiful pieces made from  good quality fabrics, the vibe is slightly scandi and deconstructed in shape, the prints are fab and the colours muted and neutral. Look especially for their shift style maxis, printed poplin tops and shirted waisted tops.

*Kin is generous in fit, with pieces made with oversized and deconstructed tailoring that often works for sizes up to 24.   

Modern Rarity: Up to size 20*. Best for ‘Parisian’.

Another fabulous brand, exclusive to John Lewis, Modern Rarity are great for their tailoring, creating dramatic pieces such as floral print blouses and long line cams and shirts which look fab teamed with a smart trouser or a pair of jeans.

* Modern Rarity is another fab brand that creates beautifully crafted and tailored pieces which can comfortably fit sizes up to 24.

Evans: Sizes 14-32. Best for ‘Girl Next Door’, ‘Girl Next Door with Edge’ and ‘Edgy’.

Evans hides a fabulous little secret in store – and that’s the shoe gallery! As well as stocking some amazing clothing pieces and accessories, if there’s one thing that needs to be on your radar it’s the shoes.

Stocking sizes 4-10 in wide or extra wide fits, the styles are varied, fun and really reasonable! The brand is also great for tailoring, think cigarette trousers and long line blazers, wide strap camies and printed blouses. Team with sandals or a brogue for a stylish autumn look.   

Yours: Sizes 16-36. Best for ‘Girl Next Door’ and ‘Girl Next Door with Edge’.

Yours is a store I desperately want to re-merchandise… The layout is cluttered and confusing and as a result the clothes can look uninspiring and unappealing. But look past all this and there are some real gems to be found – great for stylish culottes, animal print midi dresses and tropical florals – a great destination for some key season pieces that will flatter and accentuate your gorgeous curves.   

Monsoon: Up to size 22. Best for ‘Boho’.

Monsoon is your one-stop destination for feminine and boho chic styles – full of floaty maxis, linens and funky paisley prints. Look for hanky hems – great for flattering the legs. Sleeves are either cap or wide cami straps – great for covering those bra straps. Monsoon also have a great online curve range, stocking sizes up to 24. 

Best of the Online stores

John Lewis I.Scenery: Sizes 18-28.

Amazing for corporate wear with a twist, check out their polkadot suit for a cool and edgy workwear update.


M&S Curve: Sizes 18-32.

I’ll be honest, M&S are in my bad books at the moment. They’ve recently pulled their Curve range from in-store, which, to my mind, is unbelievably frustrating and short sighted. Their current range is a little on the safe side. They’re great for basics: look for tailored trousers, simple shifts and shirts. Put your own stamp on the pieces with oversized necklaces and chunky bracelets from their accessories range.

Mango Violeta: Sizes 14-22.

Best for edgy pieces, think animal print, camo and lace. Current pieces include lace trimmed or coated jeans to team with slogan tees and chunky trainers.

River Island Plus: 18-28.

I love this brand! Think bold and brave pieces, abstract prints, oversized houndstooth and faux leather pleated skirts.

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 07.06.21

H&M Plus: Sizes L-4XL (16-24).

Edgy, cool and chic – best for wide legged culottes, printed blouses and bardot dresses.

Apricot: sizes 20-26.

In a nutshell, Girl next door! Think pretty floral dresses and kimono style tops to wear with pretty sparkly plimsoles and a denim jacket.

Lindy Bop: Up to Size 26.

The place to go for retro, glam and feminine pieces. Channel your inner Marilyn with their 50’s inspired swing dresses, Rockabilly dresses and funky hair accessories.


And finally…

There are too many amazing brands to go into detail on. I don’t want to be the cause of decreasing bank balances everywhere, so I’ve focused on the ones I think are the best right now! But some others to note are:

Simply Be, ASOS Curve, Flora Day, Elvi, Studio 8 and Dorothy Perkins Curve.

Remember, its all about experimenting. The above is aimed to inspire and encourage trying brands you might have overlooked or written off.

Happy shopping gorgeous ladies xxx


Trends – Autumn/Winter 2019

I know you’ll all be groaning, seeing these words, as you haven’t even gone on your summer holidays yet, the kids haven’t broken up and you’ve only just bought your summer sandals.

However, in our world, we are already thinking about the season ahead!

Ideally, it’s always good to start planning next season’s clothes, a few months before. My clients in March, looked at me like I was crazy when I was encouraging them to buy their shorts and sandals. Not so crazy now, as when we actually hit summer, there are no shorts or sandals left!

I have been researching the emerging trends for next season, and I have been keeping an eye on things over the last few months, to see what patterns are forming.

Here are the main trends slowly emerging, and that you should keep a look out for.


Yellow Pants And Jacket With White T-Shirt | Plus Size Fashion Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing and phone Loving Always Judging blogger in a simple black suit worn with a windowpane blouse and brogues. Perfect office look.

I remember buying my first business suit in 2002 when I had my first office job. It was from Next, it was powder blue, and should probably be forgotten! However, at the time, I remember how awesome I felt whenever I wore it.

Suits can now be worn casually and don’t have to be saved for corporate office wear. You may have seen my shorts suit last week from Sainsbury’s which I wore with white trainers.

The beauty of buying a trouser suit is that you can get a few different wears out of it. Firstly, you can wear it as a set and switch out trainers for loafers or brogues, depending on your taste. Secondly, you can use just the jacket with a pair of jeans for a smart, casual look.

Thirdly, you can wear the trousers with a fine knit jumper in winter, loafers or brogues and a biker jacket. So in short, you get three different looks just from one suit, and that doesn’t include the many combinations you can put together using different tops and footwear.

You can go for a black, navy or grey suit, if you want to keep things simple and understated. If you have a more colourful personality, choose a brighter hue, such as green!

The catwalks have been increasingly non binary, with designers sending the message that the same fashion items can be worn by any gender. There are more and more unisex lines being produced, and the silhouettes this season reflect this change.


QUILTED TOTE BAG   Image 2 of XXL LEATHER TOTE BAG from Zara  Big black tote bag goes with everything. #totebags #bagsandpurses #handbags

I saw a bag the other day in Zara, that looked exactly like a puffa jacket. It was so bizarre!

Big bags are flattering if you are curvy, and you can fit lots of crap in a big bag, which is my favourite thing about them!

Choose prints or patterns to jazz up a dark winter coat, or a neutral hue to go with more outfits.


Satin Shorts  Rita Ora looks wows in dramatic black feathered dress | Daily Mail Online

I think this is a trend that I will be leaving alone, as I could just imagine it getting my feathers matted on a drizzly school run! Keep an eye out for feathers on shoes (how very 90’s) and on Christmas party frocks later in the year.

It’s also been lovely to see a few designers creating synthetic feathers to keep their lines cruelty free. Others have been sourcing feathers from farms that have naturally molted, to avoid cruelty to birds.


Stunner: And his wife Hailey Baldwin arrived in style to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Beve... #haileybaldwin  Bershka x PANTONE trainer in neon green | ASOS

Hailey Bieber caught my eye with her neon heels, distressed jeans and blazer, earlier in the year. A pop of colour can dress up a dark winter outfit, and if you’re wearing a black dress to your Christmas do this year, let your feet do the talking with some brights!

Alternatively, go for some neon trainers that would look fab with coated or skinny jeans, this autumn.

Neon colours look best on dark skintones as they really enhance their naturally deep tones.


belted sweater dress Trouva: Laura Dress Super cute dress. Plus it has pockets!! Love!

These went out of fashion a few years ago but they are back with a bang. I’ve always loved adding a belt to my outfits as it gives my shape definition. You can have fun with a thin belt or thick one, or even a chain style!

Try mixing prints by adding a leopard print belt to a patterned dress or jumpsuit. This is a trend you could start experimenting with this summer. In winter, start adding belts to shift dresses, skater dresses and shirt dresses.

Cinching in a waist works for all body shapes. Experiment with belts of different widths and have fun with this look!

Alternatively, go for a classic trench coat, which works for all body shapes. It’s so chic and you’ll give the little nod to the cinched in trend!


Dapat lagi tartan pants dari @fortuna_com !! So happy 😍🤩🍒 . . Lagi musim yang tartan tartan gini lo , go check di @fortuna_com  #verdementablog #outfit #tartan #curvy #curvyblogger #curvygirl #red #black #lips #benetton #sweater

90’s grunge isn’t leaving anytime soon! Tartan is great for Autumn/Winter and looks great with thick black tights and ankle boots. If you love the rock chick look, branch out with some Dr Marten boots or some studded biker ones.

If you’re a Strawberry or Apple shape, have fun with some tartan or checked trousers next season.

Every shape looks great in a tartan dress!


Carmakoma Faux leather trousers in Black Helen Mirren Leather Jacket - Helen Mirren's leather biker jacket provided a tough contrast to her sexy skirt.

Get those coated jeans back out girls, because leather is staying here for a while! Coated jeans (or leather look jeans) are a great alternative to skinny jeans. You can dress them down with a hoodie and trainers, or dress up for evening drinks with heels and a blouse.

If you haven’t got one already, start looking out for a biker jacket next season. I prefer pleather over leather, because I find it less bulky (and it’s cheaper). A biker jacket will be the hardest working item in your wardrobe as you can wear it with absolutely everything. It updates any outfit you’re wearing and looks great with a chunky, warm scarf.


Holly wowed in double denim while presenting I'm A Celeb. Her shirt was by ba&sh for £165 and her Madewell mini skirt cost £43.65. She teamed her look with a pair of Grenson Nanette boots for £277.  This season there’s no way around the famous denim boiler suit.

Is that the sound of B*Witched playing? Yes, double denim is back, particularly the darker shades of denim such as indigo and black.

With this in mind, you can keep wearing those denim boiler suits throughout the winter months, to get the same effect. Denim boiler suits are so comfy because they are warm and their oversized nature, allows you to pop an extra layer underneath to keep you cosy!


Chanel Resort 2020 collection, runway looks, beauty, models, and reviews.

I’ve kept the best one for last – POCKETS! Yes we all love a pocket don’t we?! I see so many clients leap with joy when they try a dress on with pockets. I love them because I am so awkward, it’s somewhere to put my hands when I am talking to someone!

Pockets are getting a supersized makeover and you’ll see them on coats and blazers in particular.


As always, you can skip a trend or jump on it, depending on your personal preference.

Use the trends to work for your shape. As an example, if you’re a Strawberry shape and you have a broader top half, look for tartan or leather on your bottom half, and keep your top half nice and simple.

Play around with it and have lots of fun – that’s what it’s there for!

Come and let me know on Instagram or Facebook, which trend you’re going to try out next season!

Love, Susie xxx




Focus on the good.

Every time you tell yourself that you are fat, ugly, frumpy, too tall, too short, too this, too that, your body listens. Thinking about your body in this way is harmful to your confidence and it means that over time, all you see in the mirror, are the parts that you don’t like. The good bits get lost and forgotten, like precious toys thrown to the back of a cupboard.

When you feel crap about the way you look, you don’t want to see anyone, you don’t want to go to that party, you don’t want to have your photo taken and you want to blend into the background.

It’s normal to feel that way (particularly around your period!) but if you find this is becoming a recurrent thing, it’s time to look at ways of breaking the cycle, before you become completely reclusive. I can’t promise that you will feel confident every day (not even celebrities do), but I can promise there are ways of changing your mindset and rewiring your brain to make the good days more frequent than the bad.

I have parts about my body that I’m not keen on. Yes I am a stylist that promotes body positivity, but I have my own body hangups that come and go. But that’s half the reason I am good at my job, is that I totally GET how you feel. I never tell anyone the parts about myself that I’m not so keen on (after all, how boring is that for conversation?!). Instead, I focus on the bits I DO like.

I like my legs, I like my collarbones, I like my arms, I like my boobs and I like my eyes. More than anything, I like my personality and that wins every time, no matter what you’re wearing!

If I am having a day when my hair isn’t going right or I am not feeling so hot about the way I look, I focus on the good. I wear an outfit that shows off a good part of my body or I tell a funny story on Instagram to make people laugh. I don’t hide away in a baggy outfit, I don’t shy away from social media and I certainly don’t cancel plans.

I never weigh myself, I never compare myself and I try to follow my own path with what I wear, say and do.

A month ago I was on a lot of medication for my asthma that left me breathless, sleepless and depleted of energy. Taking my selfie photos in the morning was so hard because I felt like death most days and would have to wipe the sweat from my face where my body was really struggling. It would have been easy for me to hide away and only show you my good days, but that’s not reality is it?

Instead, I wore lots of pretty dresses that month, I did regular face masks, upped my tanning regime and treated myself to lovely new makeup. I changed my diet, I cut out alcohol, caffeine and prioritised sleep, rest and self-care. I felt dreadful in myself but making that effort each day, made me feel so much more positive.

Don’t neglect yourself. If you’re feeling crap, don’t drown your sorrows with more wine in the evening which leads to bad sleep, slugglishness and a low mood the following day. Look after yourself from the inside out and care for yourself in every way possible.

Surround yourself with good people. My circle is small, tight and I only let certain people in, who make me feel energised and loved. Note how you feel after you have seen certain friends. Do you feel positive afterwards or do you come away feeling a little bit down about yourself? Surround yourself with those that lift you up, not the ones that try to bring you down.

I know that a lot of you can struggle even naming one part of yourself that you like. But I bet if you thought about it, you could come up with something – even if it’s just your fingernails. Paint them a bright colour!

Ask a friend within your ‘circle of trust’ to tell you 3 positive things about your appearance. Don’t dismiss them. Thank them for their words, write them down and really focus on them, even if you don’t believe what they say. Use them as affirmations, tell yourself every day that you have good legs, a great waist and a lovely smile.

Focusing on the good, eradicates the bad. It gives less energy to the bad and it makes it less of a big deal.

Nobody else notices the bits you don’t like. Nobody cares, and I will tell you why….because everyone is so worried about how THEY look, they don’t have the capacity to focus on your thread veins/tummy/bum/ankles.

It’s possible to love your body and it’s possible to find confidence and self love. You just need to train your mind, like you’d train your body if you were running a marathon.

Keep at it every day and you’ll get there. Your body and mind will thank you for it xx


Life after Analysis

There’s a common theme that occurs. When you find the world of Styled By Susie you feel excited at what is to come! You see all of the ladies on our community, talking about Apples, Hourglasses and Pears, and you want a piece of the action!

You send off your photos and questionnaire, and wait for the results. This is going to change your life like it’s changed everyone else’s right?

You receive your Style Analysis and with excitement, you read through it, texting your friends to tell them what shape and colouring you are.

But what happens next? Many clients are absolutely fine and run off to experiment, never to be heard of again!

Others feel fearful…the fear of getting it “wrong” and overthinking everything in their wardrobe. After all, how chunky is too chunky a trainer?

If this is you…..stop….and breathe!

This blog is to help you with the next stages, after your Style Analysis.

Step 1) Read your Style Analysis.

This seems simple doesn’t it? But you really need to read it! Read it once, twice, three times, four times. Each time you read it, you’ll find something else. Each time you read it, it’ll make more sense. The temptation is to skim through the analysis and not take it in properly.

Don’t read your analysis when the kids are around. Sit down with a coffee and a quiet moment and read through it slowly.

Step 2) Make a list.

What jumps out at you? What excites you? We might have mentioned something you don’t like (such as ripped jeans). If you don’t like it, don’t wear it! Instead, make a list of the parts that DO excite you. Maybe some new colours, a different type of print or maybe a new type of costume jewellery.

Step 3) Head to Pinterest.

Create a Pinterest account and start looking for inspiration. Type in key words that we might have mentioned, such as “tortoiseshell earrings” or “biker jacket maxi dress”.

You will get lots of inspiration from Pinterest, and while many of the women on there are models, you can still see how items are put together, if you are someone that struggles to visualise something.

Step 4) Use the Facebook Community (but please be respectful)

Our Facebook Community is a hive of activity and a great place to chat to fellow clients and followers.

Please remember that every analysis is unique and bespoke. While you may be an hourglass, you might have been given different advice to another hourglass.

This doesn’t mean your information is “wrong” (remember we are a small business and before you post, we ask that you think how it may come across). It just means that you are an individual and we have given you our professional advice, based on your shape.

If you jump in there too early and say “Just been diagnosed as a Winter Apple. What should I wear?”….Firstly, this is frustrating for us to read, because all of the tools are in your analysis advising you what to wear, and secondly you might get a fellow Apple advising you, who has been given alternative advice!

So enjoy the community, but remember your analysis is bespoke to you only.

Step 5) Look through your wardrobe.

Purchase our decluttering guide from the website, which has helped many clients who don’t live locally enough to see us in person. We give you all the tools to declutter your wardrobe. From there, you can purchase our Basic Bitches TM guide, which gives you a great shopping list of items for your body shape.

Step 6) Try some new colours.

If the thought of trying a patterned jumpsuit is freaking you out, then start small. Try a new lipstick, a new coloured scarf or maybe just a different neckline.

You really don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe straight away, and baby steps will be much more effective in the long run, while you are seeing what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Step 7) Don’t like it? Don’t wear it.

Styled By Susie advice isn’t legally binding. There’s no siren that will go off if you wear ballet pumps tomorrow. Our advice is purely that…advice!

Step 8) The work has to come from you.

Your Style Analysis is a toolkit. It gives you ideas and suggestions, designed to help you shop by yourself.

If you saw a counsellor, would you expect the counsellor to fix everything in your life while you sat back, without making any changes?

The counsellor gives you tools to apply to your life, in the same way that we give you tools to apply to your style.

Ultimately, you have to be ready to put the work in, and how far you wish to try and experiment, completely depends on your mindset. The great thing is that you always have your Style Analysis to refer back to, and the Facebook Community for support.

Points to remember….

  1. There is no such thing as failure. As long as you are trying new styles and having fun, you can’t fail or go wrong.
  2. It’s not an overnight process. I (Susie) became a stylist in 2012 and I am still experimenting and developing my style, 7 years later. Your style is never complete.

Dungarees & Boilersuits

Life is too short to wear boring clothes... That applies to your little ones too!

Susie here! There is something hugely liberating about wearing dungarees. Any item of clothing that makes you feel happy, fun and childlike, is fine by me! When you become an adult and have responsibilities, endless unanswered emails, bills, school runs and little snotty noses to wipe, it’s easy to feel like life has become waaaaaay too serious.

When life feels too serious, it becomes even more depressing when you spend your life confined to boring clothes!

Any form of “all in one” can be scary when you first try it. I have many clients that have shuddered in fear when I have presented a jumpsuit in a changing room, but ended up loving it, and then buying several others, months later. Wearing it for the first time can be scary but you soon get used to it.

Boilersuits are going to be huge this season, and I can personally vouch for how comfortable they are. Due to their loose fitting nature, it’s always best to size down (yes, even in Topshop!).

Both boilersuits, current stock from ASOS.com

Who do they suit?

While jumpsuits suit all body shapes, dungarees are slightly more restrictive. Due to the clasp detail and position of the upper part of the dungarees, they are less forgiving for women with fuller busts (say, an F cup, upwards).

If you have a fuller bust, you could always try wearing your dungarees undone for a more relaxed, casual look. I have been known to wear mine like this, by the time it’s 6pm and I am cooking dinner!

Street Style: 90s denim dungarees with leather biker jacket and comfy high top trainers

Image from Pinterest.

Boilersuits are a great alternative to dungarees, if you have a fuller bust, yet they also work on smaller busted ladies. They usually have a zipped upper body, which works well for all shapes, even if you’re breastfeeding and need easy access.


Boilersuit, current stock from Boohoo, at ASOS.com

I’m plus size – why can’t I find any boiler suits?

Boilersuits don’t tend to come in many plus size ranges, so if you’re above a size 20, it’s worth going down the jumpsuit route instead (of which there are many!). Go for big, bold patterns and style them in the same way that we have recommended below.

I’m tall. Can I wear boilersuits?

Hell yes, girlfriend. This style was positively MADE for you! Go forth and boilersuit yourself up.

I’m petite. Can I wear boilersuits?

Many petite ranges stock boilersuits, but I recommend sizing down to ensure they don’t drown your frame too much.

asos petite

Boilersuit, current stock from ASOS.com

How do I style them?

Dungarees and boilersuits look great as casual daywear. All they need are a pair of trainers in springtime or flip flops in summertime! Roll up the cuffs and hems of your boilersuit, to feminise the look.


Boilersuit, current stock from Topshop

If you’re unsure how to style dungarees, you can’t go too wrong. You can keep the look really plain and simple, with a white tee underneath, or a Breton stripe. When it’s warmer, go for a vest top, and when it’s cooler you can even pop a jumper underneath.

Fashion Sneakers for Women: Cute Comfort Travel Shoes

Image from Pinterest

Just a word of caution – never wear yellow underneath a pair of dungarees as you’ll look like a Minion!

What style of dungarees are best?

Dungarees come in a variety of styles. The style that suits most body shapes, would be a pair of dungarees with a skinny jean style leg. A relaxed, boyfriend style dungaree, is great if you’re really tall or you have slender hips.

Dungarees are also great to wear when you are pregnant and want to feel stylish, not frumpy!

ASOS DESIGN denim dungaree in washed black ASOS DESIGN Maternity denim dungaree in rinsewash

Both current stock from ASOS.com

How should a boiler suit fit?

With boiler suits, they are traditionally designed to be loose fitting, so don’t worry if it’s not super fitted like a jumpsuit or pair of dungarees. The loose fitting nature of a boiler suit, adds to the cool, casual element and is really comfortable!

How do I leave the house confidently?

The first time you wear your dungarees or boilersuit out of the house, you will feel self conscious. This is only natural because it’s down the “upper end” of the scary scale on most people’s comfort zones! It doesn’t help when your husband or partner makes a rude comment (I will skip to the ending – men don’t tend to like them!).

When you wear something new for the first time, you may feel like the whole World is watching and staring, but most people are too consumed in their own minds, worries, thoughts and insecurities, to be worried about what others are wearing. In short, no one cares.

If they do stare, and if they do say anything, it is probably because they think you look fab, or they wish they were brave to take such a style risk.

I felt really scared wearing mine for the first time, but now I love them and I feel like 12 year old Susie when I spring around in them. You should really try it!


2018 – What A Year

2018 is not at a close quite yet, but pretty soon we are all going to be unwinding for the Christmas break, and reflecting on the year that was.

I love a new year – it’s a chance to make great intentions and as long as you make them realistic, they are easier to stick to than you may think!

2018 has been a fabulous year at Styled By Susie, for both myself and Sarah. We have had the busiest year yet, and we are excited to go into 2019!

I thought it would be fun to look back on 2018, and pick out my favourite events and trends from the year.

The Clothes :

Spring/Summer 2018 was my favourite season yet. The options to choose from, were endless…. vast, exciting, colourful and there seemed to be something for everyone!

My personal highlight from the season, was the Barbican range at Warehouse. The prints were absolutely beautiful, and it seemed that the colours suited so many of our clients, not to mention the beautiful cuts.

There should also be a special mention for a certain pair of shorts! The Next “Boy” shorts were an absolute game changer for you all.

We recommended them because they suit all clients, particularly those who have very curvy hips and thighs. They had a 99.9% success rate amongst clients and our thousands of members in the Styled By Susie Facebook Community.

The Boy Shorts were a real highlight of the summer and it made so many women happy, knowing they could finally wear shorts without feeling self conscious.


If I say the words, “pineapple jumpsuit”, you will know exactly what I am talking about! This beautiful jumpsuit from Sainsbury’s, was a HUGE hit with clients this summer. It suited every shape and was a real hit!


Accessories wise, it was all about big earrings this year. We started the year with big, colourful tassel earrings, and have finished the year, seeing more geometric, resin styles, and hoops galore.

Autumn/Winter 2018 has been a little more challenging. Spring/Summer spoilt us with skater dresses, prints, unusual colours, cuts and options. When it came to Autumn/Winter, the casual dresses disappeared, and there was an overwhelming amount of animal print that hit the shops…..and not much else!

We had snake print and leopard print in all kinds of colours and shades, but elsewhere, there were no identifiable trends to get particularly excited about. Luckily, 90% of clients (and myself and Sarah included), LOVE animal print! So we could have lots of fun experimenting with different shades of leopard print and pattern clashes galore.

Animal print is going to continue well into next year, but more on that to come in our first blog of 2019.

The word of Autumn/Winter 2018 for Styled By Susie, has been “Basics”. In fact, two words – “Basic Bitches”!

We created an essential PDF guide for clients, which forms the groundwork for any capsule wardrobe. With the high street offering such sparse choices this season, we heavily focused on key basics, and showing clients how to create different looks by mixing and matching items.

Fortunately, this season we have been spoilt for choice by amazing knitwear and basics, particularly from H&M who seem to have sorted out their sizing too!


The Community :

The Facebook Community has grown so much this year, and it continues to be a place of support, kindness and humility amongst members. We have approx 5,500 members, and we are so proud of the way our clients and followers have interacted with each other this year, offering support, compliments and advice when it’s needed. Thank you to the members of the community who have made it a safe, supportive and welcoming place.

The Award :

In February, I won the best stylist award at the SO Magazine, Lifestyle Awards in Tunbridge Wells. This was one of the best moments of my life, and I would like to thank each and every one of you, that voted for me to win.

It was a competitive category, and at that point my social media numbers were quite low, so I was not expecting to win. Hearing my name called out, and going on stage to collect my award, in front of my family and friends, is a moment I will never forget.

The award sits proudly at home, and every time I look at it, I feel a sense of pride and happiness. I’m truly grateful to those who took the time to vote for me.

The Organised Mum :

In the latter part of 2018, Styled By Susie hit new levels on social media, when my path crossed with Gemma Bray, also known as The Organised Mum.

Gem had posted in September, about wanting to create a capsule wardrobe, and a few of my lovely Instagram followers tagged me into her post. Gem booked me for a style session, and the rest is history!

I went from 6,000 members on Instagram, to over 11,000 and a whole new army of ladies have discovered Styled By Susie as a result.

I am very grateful to Gem for spreading the word to her 100,000 followers and I am excited to grow my relationship with her, and watch her growing success continue.

Sometimes you just need someone to believe in you enough to put your name out there, to enable you to reach so many more people.

The Business :

This year, we have been incredibly busy with all of our services, but the Online Styling Sessions in particular, have been hugely popular. This service has enabled clients to be styled by us, no matter where they live. This year we have styled clients remotely, in Australia, Dubai, Barbados, California, Italy, France, South Africa and New Zealand!

The Future :

I have never made future goals or plans for Styled By Susie, as I am a firm believer in fate and that everything so far, has happened at exactly the right time.

I am asked frequently if I would employ another stylist, but the answer is no. Sarah and I will continue to work as we are working now, and that is both in person and online, and helping as many of you as possible, within the time frame we set, for a good family/work balance.

6 Years Of Business :

I am very proud of how far the business has come, since I created Styled By Susie in 2012.

At that time, the only personal styling services available, were high end, and since Styled By Susie, I have seen many high street stylists appear, who have copied my business model, services, logo and wording, at times!

When I qualified, I had no idea how to even price a styling session because such a thing didn’t exist. So everything you see at Styled By Susie has been created from bare bones and sheer hard work.

So the future is to just keep creating, keep helping and providing not only styling advice, but wellbeing advice too, through podcasts, blogs and posts.

Feeling stylish is so much more than putting on a nice outfit. It goes much deeper than that, and taking care of your wellbeing is going to put you on a better road to body confidence and acceptance.

So I will be taking my own advice and putting my wellbeing high on my priority list for 2019, because in order to help others, you have to apply your own life jacket first, right?

And Finally :

Have a happy Christmas, a relaxing time with your friends, families and loved ones.

Thank you for supporting Styled By Susie and we can’t wait for another year of fun.

Love Susie xxx



Susie here!

Due to popular demand, I’m blogging all about boots today. I’m in huge denial about boots weather. I am such a summer girl, and even though I feel more comfortable in Autumn/Winter clothing, I do feel sad when the summer leaves us and we all get colds and look sallow!

But on a positive note, with the new season, comes NEW fashion. I was in Bluewater yesterday and all of the sales assistants were super excited too, and there’s a real buzz in the air when the new lines hit the shops. The sales have left us at long last, and we can start planning the months ahead.

I would always suggest shopping as early into a season as you can, even when the weather doesn’t match what the shops are selling. How many of you struggled to find the infamous Next Boy shorts in July? That’s because you should have bought them in April/May! Crazy I know, but it’s always good to get ahead with your shopping.

We have two major trends that have emerged when it comes to winter boots.

Cowboy Boots.

These ARE a trend and are likely to look dated in a year, but if you want to be ahead of the fashion pack, pick up a pair of cowboy boots and say “whip crack away”, Calamity Jane style. These leather cowboy boots below are from Topshop.

Animal Print

As predicted, leopard, snake and zebra prints are dominating the high street this season. Adding a flash of animal print on your boots is a great way to liven up any outfit. These beauties are from New Look and come in wide fit too.

I’m not going to focus too much on trends, as I will leave that to the fashion expert bloggers out there. My job, is to tell you how you can look your best in a pair of boots. I have even covered skinny ankles and chunky legs as they are questions that crop up A LOT on the Styled By Susie Facebook Community.

So let’s start….

Chunky Legs

If you have chunky legs (can I just say that this is a term I would NEVER use about a client, but this is a popular term you guys use in the Community so I thought it was easier for you this way!)

The chunkier the leg, the chunkier the boot should be. This is not a time for kitten heels, pointy boots or anything that is going to cling onto the leg too much. We need to see a slight gap between the leg and the boot, and this is why I sway clients away from knee high boots!

Slouchy ankle boots work well, or if you can’t find slouchy, then Chelsea boots work well, biker boots or Dr Martens. Ideally you should be able to fit your finger between the boot and your leg, because this will make your leg look slimmer.

Black Slouch Ankle BootsLeather Chelsea BootsAnkle Zip BootsBiker Ankle BootsImage result for dr martensBlack Snake Print Chunky Buckle Boots

L-R: Next, Next, Next, Next, Dr Martens & New Look.

Skinny Ankles

If you have skinny ankles, ankle boots can be problematic and it’s likely that a Dr Marten boot will make your leg look like a golf club! Stay away from the chunky, biker style boots and go for a boot that is going to be tighter around the lower leg.

You can safely go for sock boots, western boots, pixie boots, mid calf boots, or high top style trainer boots. If you really do love a biker boot, then go for one that comes a little higher up the leg. Alternatively, go for something completely different, like an over the knee boot.

Pointed toes will be better for you than round toes, and detail on the boot works particularly well because it minimises the size of the shoe. A Chelsea boot is too plain and bulky for a skinny ankle.

Black Suede Western BootsVans Black Sk8-Hi Marvel Black Panther Womens TrainersPimkie Studded Buckle Ankle BootsPublic Desire Black Flat Tie Back Over The Knee Boot

L-R: New Look, New Look, Office, VANS, ASOS.com, ASOS.com

“Neither Chunky or Skinny” Legs

For those inbetweeners, you can get away with anything. My general advice is to err on the side of chunky footwear if you’re on the curvy side.

And remember….style shouldn’t be serious. It shouldn’t make you cry, it shouldn’t make you anxious and it should be fun. So have fun with it and don’t get too worried! If you’ve got skinny legs but you love your Dr Martens, well go for it. There’s no law or siren that’ll go off when you wear them!

I’m here to advise and to reassure, and my main goal is to ensure you feel comfortable, stylish and happy in your clothes.

Happy shopping!


Guest Blog – Holiday Make Up

I’m delighted to welcome, our guest blogger, makeup artist, Nicola Downey. She has put together her recommendations for your essential holiday makeup. Nicola specialises in a natural look when it comes to makeup, so you are in safe hands!

Over to you, Nicola…

My Top 6 Holiday Make-up Basics
We’ve all been there. The excitement of the long-awaited holiday being overshadowed by the dread of packing the suitcase. So much to take and so little space! Well let me help you free up valuable room for all those wonderful clothes and accessories Styled by Susie has no doubt tempted you with, by just taking the make-up basics.

1. Tinted Moisturiser / BB  & CC Creams

The summer is finally here so you can pack away those foundations! It’s the perfect time of year to embrace your naturally beautiful skin with the lighter coverage of a tinted moisturiser, which is also less likely to slide off your face in hot weather. Choose one with an added SPF and you won’t need to add a layer of sun protection first. Bonus.



  • Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF 20 £41 – Fenwicks / John Lewis / Feel Unique (highly recommended for mature skin)
  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20 £34 – Fenwicks / John Lewis / Feel Unique
  • Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser SPF 30 £30 – Space NK / Fenwicks / John Lewis
  • La Roche-Posey Rosaliac Anti-Redness CC Cream SPF 30 £20 – Boots   (great for skin prone to acne and rosacea break outs)
  • Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream SPF 30 £7.99 – Amazon / Feel Unique
  • e.l.f BB Cream  SPF 20 £7.50 – Superdrug (vegan)


2. Concealer

If you feel you need extra coverage, particularly under the eyes, take a lightweight concealer with you. Waterproof concealers are really useful for holidays.



  • IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Waterproof Concealer £23.50 – Boots
  • Smashbox Studio Skin 24hr Waterproof Concealer £20 – Boots
  • e.l.f HD Lifting Concealer £4.50 – Superdrug (vegan)
  • Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.50 – Boots


3. Eyebrows / Eyeshadow / Eyeliner

A compact eyeshadow palette with a good range of both matte and shimmery colours, is perfect for multi-use make-up application. One palette can give you everything you need for eyebrows, eyeshadow and eyeliner, reducing the amount of products you need to take with you.

Choose a palette that contains a matte shade closest to your natural eyebrow colour, a matte cream which is very useful for adding definition to your brow bone for evenings out,  some darker shades for eyeliner and some shimmery shades to add a bit of glam to your evening make-up. Some eyeshadows even work well as a liquid liner if you dip your brush in water first!



  • Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette £49 – Fenwicks / Charlotte Tilbury
  • MAC Eyeshadow x 9 Palettes £26 – Fenwicks / MAC Cosmetics
  • Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Palette £26 – Feel Unique
  • NYX Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette £16 – Boots
  • Maybelline The Nudes £11.99 – Boots / Superdrug
  • MUA Eyeshadow Palettes £4 – Superdrug


4. Mascara

Waterproof is essential (just make sure you pack suitable eye make-up remover). Apply it first thing, go for a swim, melt in the sun…and feel confident it won’t move.



  • Urban Decay Cannonball Waterproof Mascara £16.50 – John Lewis / Feel Unique
  • No. 7 Lash Impact Waterproof Mascara £13.50 – Boots
  • Bourjois Volume Reveal Waterproof Mascara £10.99 – Superdrug
  • Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara £5.99 – Boots / Superdrug


5. Blusher / Highlighter / Bronzer

There are some great multi-use cheek and lip products out there. You can even use them on your eyes, which is great for packing light. Choose a shade that will maintain that summery glow and is easy to apply.



  • Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick £31.95 – John Lewis (blusher, highlighter, bronzer and eyeshadow/liner)
  • Nars The Multiple £29 – John Lewis / Fenwicks / Space NK (blusher, highlighter, lips and eyeshadow)
  • NYX Bright Idea Illuminating Stick £7.50 – Boots (blusher, highlighter, bronzer)


6. Lipstick

Lips can become dry in the heat, so keep them moisturised as much as possible. A simple lip balm works a treat, especially if you choose one with a hint of colour. For evenings out, you might prefer a bit more of a statement lip and it’s a very quick and easy way to turn a daytime look into evening.



  • Dior Addict Gradient Lipstick £26.50 – Fenwicks / Dior
  • Bobbi Brown Art Stick £22 – Fenwick / Bobbi Brown
  • MAC Little Lipstick in Ruby Woo (all-time classic shade which suits most) £10 – Fenwicks / MAC Cosmetics
  • Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick £8.99 – Boots
  • The Body Shop Matte Liquid Lipstick £7 – The Body Shop
  • Dr Paw Paw Tinted Ultimate Red Balm £6.95 – Feel Unique



There are a few extra items you could take with you which aren’t essential but might prove useful.

  • Translucent pressed powder  to take away excess shine – Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish £33 – Fenwicks or Collection Primed & Ready Illuminating Setting Powder £2.99 – Boots
  • Clear mascara to groom and set eyebrows in place – Collection £1.99 Boots
  • Setting spray to keep your make-up in place all day – Urban Decay All Nighter £8 John Lewis or e.l.f. Matte Magic Mist & Setting Spray £5 – Superdrug


Top Tips

  • Keep your make-up application light for the daytime and simply add more on top for the evening.
  • Choose a slightly darker shade of tinted moisturiser if you tan easily.
  • Don’t forget to enhance your eyebrows and apply some mascara – very quick and effective ways to open up your eyes!
  • Useful brushes to take with you include a small angled brush for eyebrows and eyeliner, an eyeshadow brush, small blusher brush and lip brush.